Don 2 Takes Ordinary Opening At Box-Office

The initial of Don -2 at most of the places was quite ordinary.

The territories that reported the best start were Delhi-U.P. and Rajasthan. Collections in cinemas of Bombay circuit were, surprisingly, below the mark in the first show. Even in cinemas of C.P. Berar circuit, collections were robust in some cinemas whereas they were not very exciting in the others. For instance, at Rajlaxmi cinema in Amravati, the film collected only Rs. 3,200 in the first (morning) show against a capacity of Rs. 25,000.

Most of the multiplexes in Ghaziabad and NOIDA in the north reported full houses in the morning show, at concessional admission rates.

Attendance (number of people) in some cinemas of Delhi-U.P. and East Punjab in the morning shows today (December 23) were as follows:

Don 2 Box-Office: Delhi-U.P. and East Punjab

Attendance in shows of Don 2:

Big NOIDA 1st show 155 persons; 2nd show 288 persons

Big Zirakpur 1st show 84

Big Bhatinda 1st show 70

Big Jalandhar 1st show 138; 2nd show 101

Big Amritsar 1st show 118

Jagat, Pathankot 1st show 137

MSP, Pathankot 1st show 42

Magnum, Meerut 1st show 97

Melange, Meerut 1st show 125

TDI, Agra 1st show 66; 2nd show 51

Rave Moti, Kanpur 1st show 248

Rave Kanpur 1st show 174

Odeon, Delhi 1st show 118

Don 2 Box-Office: Nagpur

Collections in shows of Don 2:

Cinemax Nagpur 1st show (collections) Rs. 13,474; 2nd show Rs. 32,498

Inox Poonam 1st show Rs. 9,750; 2nd show Rs. 12,471

Inox Jaswant 1st show Rs. 3,300; 2nd show Rs. 3,071; 3rd show Rs. 13,553; 4th show Rs. 11,507

Sangam Big 1st show Rs. 7,598

In the C.I. circuit, Don 2 has been released in as many as 90 screens (15 prints plus 75 UFO), which is a record. The last record was held by Bodyguard, which was released in 86 screens. Don 2 has also released in 10 3D screens.
At Big Calcutta, the film saw 259 footfalls at Big multiplex in the first show.

(inputs by Komal Nahata)


  1. danish
    December 23, 2011 at 4:39 PM

    ye hoti hai box office report!

    wats the whole point of writing roughly 70% collections or excellent in jaipur.

    boi really sucks.

    kudos to shetty.

  2. e-man
    December 23, 2011 at 5:06 PM

    Riding on the stupendous reviews overseas and in India, ‘Don 2’ is set to become monster box office hit. Already there is sudden jump in bookings all over especially in metros as positive responses from social networks are pouring in.

    It should break records in few territories like West Bengal, Delhi and Mysore as more than 90 % prime properties are booked till Monday. Once positive word of mouth spreads, it will help film in long run as apart from Players there is no biggie scheduled until 26th Jan when Agneepath will release. 3D shows are almost booked for a week in certain territories for evening shows due to bulk booking by family audience.

    First day should be in the range of 16-18 cr nett but additional 3D shows may help it to break Bodyguard’s 20 cr nett first day record. Now 55 cr nett first weekend looks certain as far as domestic collection goes.

  3. mahaloser
    December 23, 2011 at 6:34 PM

    Just saw the 1:30PM show at Fame Lido MG Road Bangalore. The theater was surprisingly empty with 30 odd people (capacity looked close to 300+) for a first day afternoon show.

    I am not a big SRK fan but this is perhaps the slickest Bollywood movie ever made. The first half is slow but the second half is very well done.

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