My Take On Don 2
amin786 | December 22, 2011, 9:54 AM | 9 comments | 0 views

Just back from Don 2 and I have to say it is one of the best film to come out this year. The biggest plus point is its gripping storyline which has many twists and turns, performances by the lead actors, and its action sequences. However the film is bit too long but its not a big issue since its a very fast paced film. The only negative point I think of its music which is a big letdown none of the songs stand out at all I wouldn’t rate the album much.

About Directer – Farhan Akthar succeeds big time his direction is simply outstanding and his screenplay is highpoint of the film. Let me simply put I felt he has done far better job with this film compared to the first Don which I found average with a good climax. The first Don was more of an entertaining popcorn masala flick whilst the sequel is more high on story wise.

About Performances – Shahrukh Khan is in form this time compared to his last disappointing act Ra One. His lives up to his role and delivers a fine performance. Priyanka doesnt get much to do as Don is mostly about Shahrukh but she still manages to deliver a decent performance. There is one more performance which is worth a mention and that is Boman Irani he really performs well as usual like in most of his movies his scenes with Shahrukh are simply amazing. Lara Dutta doesnt get much to do rather than only look beautiful. Kunal Kapoor only leaves a mark in the last 20 minutes thats about it. Hrithik Roshan makes an appearance in the film for 5-10 minutes at a party and I must add he does an wonderful job and theres also an twist in the tale for his part but don’t want to spoil it for you guys. The rest of the cast lend good support.

Overall Don 2 lives up to the expectations in fact it surpasses its Prequel go for it.

Rating: 4 out of 5

The occupancy was simply fantastic it was housefull and the audience response was positive. At the box office i will say this one will definitely emerge an winner.

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  1. rajeev singh

    nice to hear about good story line of don2……just waiting for friday morning, FDFS 9:15 at prasads , hyderabad……………

  2. Prateek

    Waiting for Taran Adarsh 4.5 review ;-)

  3. amin786

    btw came back late last night so wrote the review very quick

  4. AA

    @NG members

    i also saw it. it’s a bad scripted film. monday onwards going wl be tough in india. may be it wl not touch 100 cr net in india. but i m sure tht it wl nt cross crap Ra1 domestic collection.
    family audience is going to be too bore.
    though srk is good in the film. but he is not DON as DON is too heavy & great word & this DON does all the things himself & has no gang etc. anyway the script is too too bad.
    but it raises the bar as far as technical brilliance & action is concerned.
    unfortunately a let down.

  5. Shalu

    My feelings exactly after watching the film. Do write a longer review next time – you have the makings of a fine reviewer :)

  6. amin786

    thank you shalu and yes i will try to make my reviews longer for next time u see i have written many reviews in past and all have been long now and recently i have been doing very short reviews may be i getting too lazy :)


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