a very old but a very nice penjabi folks song
shezad | December 19, 2011, 11:47 PM | 3 comments | 0 views

the copy of this song in a big hindi movie , silsila

(rekha parts)

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  1. shezad

    sade teh vehre wich moodh makai da
    dane teh mangada ….
    batthi teh tapdi nahi …
    lajh duhaan nahi
    ( there is 2-3 words i dont understand )

    in silsila version
    (rekha parts )
    shola hai shola shola se darna
    warna to thande pani mei marna
    rehem jawani peh kah,
    oh mundia rehem jawani peh kahh

  2. shezad

    vehra kehte hain joh haweli mei rooms ke bahr jaga ho
    old penjabi houses have vehra, and a tree and other phool shool

    in hot days, every one seek thandi hawa below the tree.

    bahtthi is where we make roti

  3. Bilawal

    @Shezd – i like that you explain meaning of few words here. For any regional song if we know the background/ meaning of some key words – then we can enjoy more. Keep it up.


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