What is the real height of actors?


Salman Khan claim’s to be 5ft 8 inches, actually looks around 5ft 6.5 to 5ft 7inchs, but wears elevator shoes that increases him 2 inches. He is atleast half an inch shorter than srk, and an inch shorter than Katrina kaif. Akshay Kumar who claims to be 6ft 1 inch, but actually he is between 5ft 11.75 inch to 6ft tall. He was exactly the same height as boxer Vijendra singh who is 6ft 0, and atleast an inch shorter than John Abraham. Saif who claims to be 5ft 10, looks well below that, atleast 5ft 8 inches. Hirthik who claims to be 6ft actually is 5ft 10.5 inches, he is little shorter than akshay kumar and sanjay dutt. My question is what is the real height of actors.