Business Dynamics Of Don 2
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cost of production + promotion + prints + 3d prints + glasses + buying filmfare/timesofindia grouop +buying boi + buying komal +buyin taran everything included = 50 cr


sattellite = 50 cr

brand tie ups = 50 cr

german govt subzi-di  = 50 cr

malaysian govt subzi-di = 50 cr

aazaadpur mandi sabzi-di = 50 cr

dadar station mandi sabzi-di = 50 cr

total                                              = 300 cr


ROI                                            = 600%

Verdict  = megasuperduperalltimeblockbuster

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  1. RJ

    “Srk lambi race ka ghoda hai…”

    Aur kitna bhagega? The age is starting to show on the Khans, another 5-7 yrs max. Na rahega Ghoda, na rahegi race.

  2. danish

    @delight – bhaiya hoon becoz parents are frm UP. delhiwallah hoon becoz born and broiught up there. mumbai wala hoon becoz lived there for 5 years. punjabi hoon becoz culturally from delhi’s punjabi donminated area. jaat hoon becoz closest frends have left an impact. gaon wala hoon becoz lived in a village for some years. urban hoon becoz live in south delhi.

    @suprabh – but in my post on ‘ranking bollywood decades’ u protested on nageena being a high point of the 80s. in any case i am planning to make a post on ‘the ability to appreciate cinema’ and we shall discuss that there.

    @raviharsha – u guys said the same thing before ra1. by the way this post is praising ra1.

    @adii – salman ko top star huey 23 saal ho gaye.

    srk ghoda nahin gadha hai, wo bhi race ka nahin dhobi ka. aur don 2 ke baad dhobi ka kutta ban jaayega na ghar ka (multiplexes) na ghaat (single screens) ka.

    @alizain – like karthe hain nahin karte the.

  3. Tango

    danish- “bhaiya hoon becoz parents are frm UP.”

    Which town of UP danish, if you don’t mind?

  4. danish

    mother from benaras, father azamgarh. but why? koi connection nikala aaya kya?

  5. Tango

    No, just curious to know.



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