Bollywoods 10 Biggest Scandals
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10 . simi garewal nude scene in siddharth – back in the 60s, even as a certain kind of prudery was overtaking bollywood with the British govt and their censoring policies gone (they didnt object much to sex but cut out material on revolting against the regime) came simi garewal, an unconventional beauty from nowhere and did a nude scene in the indian english film ‘siddharth’.  it became a huge scandal as the average heroine those days were the demure vyjyanti mala, asha parekh, sadhna, nanda and mala sinha. simi was shown totally nude from the back and gave a topless front shot, though there was no full frontal.

9. mehtaab nude in bath tub – in one of her films (i dont remember the name) 40s star mehtab is in the bathtub and then she suddenly gets up and a topless shot appears on screen. and though during that period British raj censor board was much more lenient and even a lalita pawar had done a bold bathing scene, this became a huge scandal in those days more for the reason that the producer – director of the film was mehtaab’s husband sohrab modi, the legendary ‘master of historicals’. compare that with the 1990s when shahrukh khan and deepa mehta did a lovemaking scene where deepa’s breasts were exposed under husband ketan mehta’s direction but there was no furor.

8. sanya stardust interview – a starlet called sanya, who appeared in just two movies (one was naseeruddin shah’s malaamaal) gave an interview to stardust magazine in 1988 where she talked in explicit detail about how she would want to make love to all the leading heroes of that time (taking the names of jackie, sunny, sanjay dutt, mithun chakravarty and not sparing even 46 years old amitabh bachchan) and in what poses and on what locations. there was a huge hue and cry about the interview and why stardust published it within the media circles also. later it transpired that the starlet in question was full time into sex-work and had given that interview just to increase her clientele.

7 . aditya pancholi maid molestation – even while shiney ahuja was in school, aditya pancholi, the enfant terrible of bollywood in the 80s was accused of molesting pooja bedi’s (his then girlfriend) maid by stardust magazine in a story. pooja obviously was livid and broke off the relationship but a criminal case was not lodged against aditya who was already married with a kid from zarina wahab, 12 years his senior.

6. salman accident – one morning as the country woke up to the news that salman khan in a case of drunk driving had run his SUV over some workers sleeping on a a pavement there was a huge outrage against the star. it was greater than another case where salman was accused of hunting chinkara, a protected animal as there were human casualties in the accident case. salman off course denied he was at the driving seat but since then has been fighting the two cases and every time a court convicts/ rejects his bail, he has to go to jail for  a few days. during one of his visits to the courts, apparently a television cameraman, in an attempt to get a face shot, poked his fingers in salman’s ribs and salman started hitting the paparazzi left right and center. this became an additional huge scandal.

5. jackie molests tabu – tabu, the 90s star but then the teenaged sister of 80’s famous actor farah naaz accused farah’s very close friend and co star jackie shroff of molesting her in a, you guessed it, stardust interview. later however she retracted her statement, ppl said as she also wanted a film career and farah advised her to retract. no one ever spoke about it after that.

4. rajesh khanna accused of harrassing starlet – sabeeha, the daugheter of 60s star ameeta was launched with rajesh khanna in a ‘bold’  film’ anokha rishta'(1987).  however in an interview she came out to accuse rajesh khanna, already on a career low, of harassing her. she said rajesh khanna dropped his jogging shorts in her hotel room and suggested she give him a blow job, asked the director ‘iska naryal phod doon” (shud i deflower her) and generally made passes at her and upon rejection, harassed her no end. there was a huge furor but it somehow remained limited to English press. wish india tv was around in the 80s.

3. mandakini nude scenes in ram teri ganga maili – if any decade has been more regressive than the 60s, it has been the 80s. the islamic revolution in iran was having its effects in various parts of the world and in india it manifested itself in the form of mandir-masjid controversy of ayodhya. as society generally, and cinema particularly became more and more regressive with sunny deol slapping and then smooching any heroines who was ‘westernized’, came ‘ram teri ganga maili where mandakini had done atleast three scenes where her ‘breasts’ were seen, apart from being skimpily clad generally through the film. in another decade this wud have passed unnoticed but in the retrogressive 80s it was a huge scandal that nipped mandakini’s career in the bud.

2. sanjay dutt buys ak47 – in 1993 sanjay dutt who was being signed by big directors left right and center despite no track record of success as perhaps the industry looked for a replacement for amitabh bachchan, in came news that snajay dutt had bought an ak 47 machine gun from the video distributor and producer haneef kadawala of hanif-sameer duo. it was said that sanjay bought the gun, a part of the consignment that was brought for mumbai blasts of 1993 march. the defence version was that he bought the gun as a rightwing party’s cadre were threatening him and his family with dire consequences as his father sunil dutt, congress MP was making ‘secular’ noises on many issues including mumbai riots and blasts. sanjay was abroad then and his father’s lifelong reputation and political career was at stake. amidst rumors that snajay may become ‘fugitive’ and never return, sanjay came and surrendered. he was incarcerated in jail for 3 months and later again for 15 months between 1995-1996. the case is still pending in supreme court. sanjay has been absolved of accusation of criminal conspiracy and involvement in mumbai blasts but the case for acquiring the weapon is still on. the good side of the picture was that khalnayak, a much panned film where sanjay played a terrorist became a dubious hit at the box office the same year,

1. shiney ahuja maid rape scandal – in 2009, shiney ahuja was accused of rape by his maid. shiney was arrested and remained in jail for long. later he got freed on bail but a fast track court convicted him of the crime, despite the fact that the maid had retracted her stateent saying she was forced by her boyfriend to acuuse shiney. but the conviction made perhaps the biggest scandal in bollywood’s history. shiney had to go to jail again and appealed to the high court. pending decision shiney got bail and is trying to resurrect his career even as two women, starlet sayali bhagat and director pooja bedi of the film ‘ghost’ accuse him of sexual harassment. though many say its all a publicity stunt and shiney is a soft target now.

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  1. danish

    and ppl think scandals naye zamaane ki chheez hain!

  2. RJ

    Brilliant. Brilliant. Brilliant. Post of the week hands down!

  3. genuine_analyzer

    definetly post of the week

  4. danish

    thanx guys. aise posts pe bas aap logon ka pyaar hi milta hai. views aur comments to adversarial writing par hi aate hain.

  5. fearlesssoul

    Kitne awards loge Bhai. Kisiko standing chance b nahin dete. Lol you are versatile man. You write some brilliant stuff as well as WTF type of Post but each time or whenever you make any post your post often gets max comments and views. Maangaye janaab.

  6. fearlesssoul

    iske next i guess 3-4 WTF type of posts ane wale hain shayad

  7. shetty

    In 1990 Brij Sadanah shot his wife, daughter and son (Kamal Sadanah) before killing himself.

    Parveen Bhabi accused Amitabh Bachchan of conspiring to kill her,

    Ketan and Vivek, sons of late film producer Chetan Anand, involved in the murder of former actress Priya Rajvansh

    Aarti gupta acting in a blue film

    Shashilal Nair maid rape scandal

    Protima bedi”s naked run

    Mukesh Aggarwal”s (Rekha’s husband) suicide

    Sanjay khan beat up Zeenat Aman in a hotel in full public view (which permanently damaged one of Aman’s eyes)

  8. ady_koolz

    good post…But regarding sanjay dutt khalnayak , it was one of the big hits and was very well liked especially sanjay’s acting

  9. RJ

    Some good revelations there Shetty. Didnt know quite a few of them. I wish NG has many more posts that have such content instead of constant BO star wars.

  10. fearlesssoul

    Numerous MMS scandals of Riya Sen – Ashmit Patel, Shahid Kapoor – Kareena Kapoor and look alike of many top bollywood actress

  11. danish

    @fearlesssoul -thanx so much. i have stated many times that for me ‘views’ and comments are most important. they are like ticket sales. by the way mujhe aajtak WTF post ka concept samajh nahin aaya aajtak.

    @shetty – ya nice ones. but i cud take only 10 and i tried to include those involving popular stars. box office pressure u know. as for the rekha case it did not involve an ‘action’ on rekha’s part so i skipped it.
    and somehow media supressed amitabh-parveen story and i was taking bonafide scandals.

    @adykoolz – wen did i deny that khalnayak was ahit. i just said the scandal had a role to play in its success.

  12. cr7

    always been a fan of ur countdown posts ..loved the previous ones..loved it too.. except salman,sanjay,shiney case didn’t even know about the other scandals. so no input from my side..but indeed a nice post. keep writing.

  13. danish

    @fearlesssoul – ab yahaan bollywood ko nanga karne ki hod lag jaayegi aur responsible hoge aap.

    @cr7 – thanx so much.

  14. Prashant

    NiCE post bt Mera fav toh Riya sen wala tha or woh Aapne include he nahi kiya

  15. danish

    @prashant – as i said jokingly under boxoffice pressures i took bigger star scandals. but seriously also between a scandal of the same level of a commonor, of a small celeb and a huge star, the one with the huge star wud be considered a ‘bigger scanda’ even if its scandal value is a lil less. like a rape involoving ur freindly neighbourhood lumpen is not a scandal, just news but even an attepmted rape/molestation/harassment involving a star is a scandal. and i was making a list of ‘BIGGEST SCANDALS’.

    and riya sen is not a huge star. for instance between ashmit patel riya sen sex mms and shahid kareena smooch mms, if shahid kareena was a lil more explicit, i wud put it at par with riya sen one as the star involved are bigger.

    another point was most ppl are aware of recent scandals. i tried covering all tiem periods. off course shiney and sanjay dutt scandals and salman one were too big to be left out.

    also i have given more weightage to sex crimes, followed by crimes and finally nudity etc. i have not for instance covered any financial scams etc (and there haev been many in bollywood) as they dont ahve much scandal value. on secong thot i cud have included srk’s ra1 scam.

  16. Prashant

    And yr apki fav movie Jo hum chahien toh Humari City me release he nahi hui

  17. Prashant

    Waise Salman ka Chinkara bahut popular tha or Amitabh ji ka Zameen etc ko lekar bhi kafi popular hua tha

  18. suprabh


    Great article and very well written. While I was going through it, I wondered if people knew about some of them or not. I personally did not know of number 8 and number 7.

    By the way, the movie you are talking about in number 2 is chitralekha, directed by kidar nath sharma

  19. Antares

    @danish gud post something new for ngians.otherwise wahi srk vs salman akshay etc etc.

  20. aryan29

    @danish Kudios i didnt knewed some of the scandals you have posted..and even most of which shetty bhai mentioned in a comment..also a very good write up too ..overall a EXCELLENT post :)

  21. danish

    @prashant – chhoti films aajkal kaafi release problems face kar rahi hai. i dont know why but most plexes will play big star movie in second week that ran to empty theatre in the 1st week rather than trying out a new film with newcomers.

    by the way, what city do u live in. and jo hum chaahein is not my fave film, it looked good, two songs are nice and the hero looks promising. i am yet to watch it.

    @suprabh – thanx. and that movie cant be chitralekha as i have mentioned the whole point of scandal was that sohrab modi was the producer director, not kedar sharma. in any case kedar sharma’s chitralekha was a 60s colour film starring meena kumari. mehtab’s film was black and white. and the black and white chitralekha was by vasan brothers of south. it was some historical film, with an urdu title, or may be an adaptation of a shakespeare/greek classic tragedy,

    @antares – thanx dude.

    @aryan – thanx. and i agree shetty’s comment added value and almost made it into a top 20 from top 10.

    by the way kudos ke spellings kudios likh diye.

  22. suprabh


    its the same movie chitralekha and its not a 60s film..Its a 1941 movie.

    Director: Kidar Nath Sharma
    Stars: Miss Mehtab, Nandrekar and A.S. Gyani

    The picture that I have posted above is the exact same bathtub scene and the woman is Mehtab.

    the one you are talking about was another chitralekha directed by Kidar naath sharma again and that one did star meena kumari–1964

    Director: Kidar Nath Sharma
    Writers: Kidar Nath Sharma (dialogue), Rajinder Kumar Sharma (screenplay)
    Stars: Ashok Kumar, Meena Kumari and Pradeep Kumar

  23. danish

    @suprabh – rest is fine but my only point is that the scandal as far as i know was about a husaband doing such a csne ewith his wife. and chitralekha director was not sohrab modi as you mentioned

    1. suprabh


      The only sensation I have heard of between a husband and a wife back in the early days was the kiss between Himanshu rai and devika rani in Karma (1933)

      Also I think Mehtab and Sohrab modi just worked on one period film–jhaansi ki rani–which was colored.

      by the way its possible that sohrab modi could have been the producer of chitralekha

  24. danish

    and by the way where is the picture???

  25. danish

    @suprabh – instead of the image it says, i steal images from and its not even a link. i cant connect to it on my browser either.

  26. RJ

    If I can dare to choose my most “fav” scandal from the ones mentioned above, then it will have to be the sanjay khan-zeenat Aman episode. Brutal and true. Heavily scandalous!
    Everyone shud list down theirs too. Will make the post more interesting, and will get Danish more comments on his post;-)

  27. danish

    @RJ – aap to aise bol rahe ho jaise maine comments ke liye appeal ki hai ya chanda managa raha hoon. post pasand hai to padho aur comment karo warna wiat karo ki kab srk ko koi slightly respectable hit milegi, milind aayega aur reflections series (the extrapolations of being ahit star with hordes of flop) continue karega ya kab akshay ki koi film kam se kam below average hogi aur tashan usse,, bollytwood, aur ke saare collections jod kar atbb saabit karne waali post likhega.

  28. aryan29

    @RJ lol my most “fav” scandal :D

    @danish Kya fark padta hai tu to samaj gaya na na jo muje bolna tha

  29. danish

    @suprabh – may be sohrab modi was the producer or involved in the studio owner capacity. he was active from 1935 onwards. by teh way clicking on that link also takes to a white page that says i steal images from

    suprabh ye to badi kahatarnaak siite hai. aage se soch samajh ke churaana warna badnaam kar degi.

    @aryan – main to samajh gaya ki wo kudios nahin kudos tha magar dekha nahin kudios dekhte hi kaise saare tharki, suprabh, RJ sab issi thread par mandraane lage.

    1. suprabh


      maybe its banned in india

      try this


      2) search for mehtab chitralekha scene

      3) click on the first picture.

  30. aryan29

    @danish kudios dekhte hi kaise saare tharki, suprabh, RJ sab issi thread par mandraane lage.

    Agar yeh JOKE tha to bohat bura tha or agar yeh JOKE nahin to tumhe galat famy hui hai ki Suprabh RJ kudios ki vajah se mandrane lage

  31. danish

    @aryan – obviously ye joke tha aur itna bura nahin tha. aap bhi kabhi kabhi 23 saal ki mumr mein aamir ki tarah bilkul stiff upper lip intellectual ban jaate ho. it was always supposed to be a PJ dude.

  32. dhaanu

    Suprabh is right. Good interview by Kidar Sharma on the entire scene and controversy related to it. Nice bit of history to know.

    Aur scandals bhi hai film industry ke tarkash mein :
    1) Toplessness – Mamta Kulkarni’s shoot for Stardust raised a storm. Similar was the storm when Pooja Bhatt’s morphed photo as on front page of a magazine.
    2) Telephone Telephone – Alleged phone recordings of Salman wherein he ranted and raved and alleged some naughty things about his peers and female counterparts. Then there were the 40 odd phone calls (alleged) which led to a press conference which in turn killed Vivek Oberoi’s career. Then there was the phone recordings of Sanjay Dutt with Chhota Shakeel. He also had uncomplimentary things to say about his peers particulerly Govinda.
    3) Hugging shugging – Govinda had defended Shakti Kapoor when he was stinged by India TV. India TV in return telecast a video where Govinda is shown hugging Dawood. Of course they forgot to mention that the video was of the 80s much before the blasts.
    4) Running shunning – Devika Rani, one of the earliest female superstar once ran away with the leading hero of her next film. What complicates atters is that she was very much married. To the director. Somehow she came back but the director Himanshu Rai needed as new guy as a hero. He picked up a laboratory assistant working in his company. His name was Ashok Kumar. Rest is history.
    5) Nangi Pungi – Protima Bedi streaked her way to glory and was captured on the cover of Cine Blitz, a new magazine then. Of course then Ms. Bedi did a Veena Malik and denied that it was staged. Since morphing was not an excuse then, she said that she was photographed during her stay in a nudist colony.

    Abhi itna hi yaad aa raha hai.

  33. aryan29

    @danish baat meri nahin hai tu khud he aisa jordar bandha hai ki tujse to isse jyda ache PJ’s ki umeed hoti hai .

    by the way umar ki jagah tune mumr likh dia

  34. Roy

    sup, i too see “i steal images from cineplot” :D

  35. RJ

    Danish – theek se check kar tera pehla comment ke baad, mera comment tha. So I wasn’t definitely bothered about views or comments, but I thought listing down favs would garner more attention to this post which it deserves. About getting comments ” on your post” was being sarcastic in a funny sort of way, because views n comments are like footfalls for you, arnt they? ;-)

  36. danish

    @dhaanu – ya devika rani scanadals were also quite huge. of the above, i wont consider protima bedi as a bollywood scandal.

    @aryan- theek hai par kabhi kabhi PJs bhi chalte hain.
    @filmmaker – thanx.

    RJ – and even i was being sarcasting and joking only.


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