Scoop! Scoop! Scoop! Salman Khan Comes Face To Face With First Love Shaheen.

note – its a first in naachgaana history. i am breaking a news here that almost all channels and publications missed.

Most ppl think salman khan’s 1st girlfriend was sangeeta bijlani but very few know that while in junior college and college he was seeing shaheen, the niece of saira banu who acted in a couple of films including mahasangram with govinda and vinod khanna.

well on the occasion of 89th birthday of dilip kumar as the entire Tinseltown drove down to his bungalow, so did the 3 khans. the media, most of them unaware of the shaheen story kept waiting for any of the two warring khans to come face to face which apparently shahrukh cleverly avoided. in the melee everyone missed the fact that not only shaheen (who later married actor sumit sehgal) came face to face with salman but in one shot was seen on the left of dilip kumar as salman posed on the right side of saira banu.

well salman is known to maintain friendly relations with all his ex lovers with the sole exception of plastic beauty aishwarya rai who accused him of violence and married abhishek bachchan later and tries to play the ideal bachchan bahu even as salman wishes her best on many occasions. as for shaheen and salman . wonder what kind of interaction took lace between them if any. shaheen looked still beautiful and salman looked his schoolboy self at the event. as far as i know the salman shaheen relationship had broken before sangeeta bijlani came on the scene as shaheen had got a film break before salman and had met sumit sehgal on the sets of ‘aayi milan ki raat’. woder if the large hearted sallu has forgiven and forgotten, as its rather difficult to forget your first love.


  1. suprabh
    December 12, 2011 at 10:06 PM

    aajkal kaafi progressive article likh rahe ho..very good.

    btw, now salman fans can be assure that he is in good health, because even if he’d have sneezed then Danish would have surely lapped up a “scoop” full of it :P

  2. aryan29
    December 13, 2011 at 12:00 AM

    danish i already knew about Shaheen Salman’s girlfriend before Sangeeta…btw how you know about they comeing face to face through the pic ??

  3. aryan29
    December 13, 2011 at 8:13 PM

    @danish Great :D

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