CT-Scan and X-Ray of NG members by Dj (Dr. Jharfook wala)
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Dj – Charity begains at home. I am SRK’s chamcha who belives he is the second best actor (Top slot goes to Anil kapoor)in last 20 years among Top rung Heroes. But honest enough to publicaly admit that Ra One is a piece of shit and from 2008-2010 Aamir was no 1 and 2010 onwards Salman is in Top.

Manish – He is like me.

Danish – On NG danish is the only person whom i like because he is clear on his thoughts. As they say God is one but there are many ways to reach to him. Same way Danish thinks Salman is god (ok ok god gift to bollywood) and he writes dozen of post to prove that. He writes original post, never copy-paste, provides data to prove his claim. Some are scienctific ? Some are assumption but still i enjoy to read whatever he writes. One more thing Danish never abuse anyone. Atleast he never starts it. Long live Danish babu

Ihab – On NG Ihab is the only person whom i dislike because he pretends to be normal and takes high moral ground. Yahan Hamam main sab nange hain. So Be what you are. (I am not preaching just a request)

Milind – He is suri (cute, likeable) when writes original posts and Raj (irritating) when comments.

Raj – Lately he lets me down. There is no need for abusing, below the belt hitting and use sexual remarks.

Ali – In his second innings he is much subdued. Visits NG rarerly.

Shilac – Shilac nowadays you are loosing your temper. Just ignore. Remember kutte bhonkte hain…Haathi chalte rehate hain.

Ritz – I think He is Tharki (Not in negative term). Khata hai, ‘PEETA’ hai. listens good music, read good poetry(Me too). Raat ko Addha drink kar kuch likh deta hai.Subah bhool jata hai. Basically good hearted person.

Roy – Yaar Ra One ne tumhare andar bahut negativity bhar di hai. I want to replace R of Roy with alphabet J. What say Joy ? be a good Boy.

Wall D – George bush destroyed Iraq in search of WMD which was not there. Asli W-m-D to yahan tha. Wall D single handedly distroyed a king’s dream called Ra one.

Tango – One request. Come frequently on NG on don’t be so touchy if someone calles you SRK fan.

Doga – Sometime come across as confused. Niether here nor there.

NYkavi – Bhayya comment badiya karte ho lekin naam ke aage

Joy222 – Just Like his fav star. Uncontrollable.

Aryan 29 – Jab 30 years ka ho jayega tab thodi maturity aa jayegi.

Rockie Bhau – Jai maharastra. Some time behave like a school bully.

Shetty – Sometime funny, sometime pridictable.

Fearlesssoul – Promiesing start but now going kambli’s way.

Yakuza – I salute him. There are very few who is ready to bet on bachchans. Though i won’t bet on AB Baby boy i always pray for his carreer.

Prateek – Sane voice

Akshay or antreas – On NG Akshay is the only person whom i respect.

Shalu – Aajkal jis kisma ki bhasha NG per use ho rahi hai use dekhte hue Shalu ka yahan aana mushkil hai. Waise bhi this is the disappointed year for both of us. We were praying for MAUSAM but our prayer remain unanswered.

Tera Baap – Rajen what happen to twist in the panty sentence. Yaar STAY RAW and use some more intresting lines.

Suprabh – Some years ago Dilip padgaonkar said that “EDITOR of the TOI is the second most importent person in india”. Now i want to say “As a MOD of NG he has the most difficult job in the world right now”. Lets see how he tackles it. Initially he came across as a Mathdheesh and i told him back then, but i must say as a MOD suprabh babu is superb.

RKB the BOSS – Pata nahi jiske bhi naam ke initial RK hota hai wo khud ko BOSS kyon samajhte hain. Whether it is RajniKant or RKB of SAHARA MUMBAI fame or our own BOSS. Bhayya BOSS ho to kuch kar ke bhi dikhao. NG ki standerd sudharo.

PS- Tommorow is my OFF and i made a rule ki Ghar main internet ka use sirf sunny leone type sites dekhane or LITEROTICA main story padne ke liye hi kiya jayege. So pls keep this post there for atleast 2-3 days.

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  1. RJ

    Ok FS. I was just concerned that it does not irk somebody. Baaki tu fearless hai, yeh toh sab jaante hai.

  2. rockie_c83

    @RAJ: “ should thank me for this shanti at NG ”

    No wonder you are an SRK fan.
    Modesty, humbleness, humility all these are just words.
    If someone else comes and praises you/your work that is good but apne mooh apni taarif… :D

    Nyways Some SRK quotes for you:
    I am the King, I am the Badshah, I am the best, My film is biggest hit.

  3. joey222

    @DJ-me uncontrollable???kindly elaborate coz i cant seem to decipher ki woh true blue UNSULT hai ya IMPLIMENT ..ya just plain compliment or insult :D
    by the way i was just studying for my exams n just logged on to ng n after reading this must say i m damn refreshed..can’t say agree wid everything but must say damn interesting
    aur yeh kya naveed^2 aur tashan ke baare main nahin likha???ignorance ki bhi hadd hoti hai yaar :D

    @shalu-i fear NG might become a convent if u become a mod……..just kidding :D..i have read ur comments n u do seem to have the required qualities

    @aryan-by immature he means ki tum dil se bacche ho..bahut hi innocent :D….abhi toh tum jawaan ho :D

    @ihab-fikar not..i think u are the epitome of diplomacy and striaghtforward honesty at the same time..@dj-is quality ko beat kar sakte ho?? :D
    n dj i m 100 % sure manish is nothing like u…manish jaisa ng par koi nahin hai..he is the one n only..aryan is proof of that..hai na aryan?:D
    one complaint bout this post is how the hell did u miss out on guys like aloof tsen n tony montana..the most chilled out ppl of ng…i tried my best to rile them up n failed miserably..aloof is perhaps the funniest writer…as for tsen aur tony kabhi kabhi toh lagta hai ki yeh insaan hi nahin hai…gussa hi nahin aati unko… :D

    by the way main agar NG ka koi important member hota toh highest civilian of ng award smilesandlaffs ko deta…jhagde bhi kitni peacefully karti hai :D

  4. joey222

    also this post has so many smilies from members that while scrolling down u almost get blinded by the sheer luminance of the yellow people..take that :D

  5. smilesandlaffs

    Joey, thanks for remembering me.

  6. Dj

    @ RJ
    “Btw I thought personal posts were not allowed on NG”

    Don’t you think it is better then abusing others.

    @ Ihab
    “I speak my mind and I don’t really give a sh#t what people think”

    No. You don’t speak your mind. You pretent. Raj speaks his mind.

    @ Tera Baap

    Thnz yaar. As suprabh said if anyone is so touchy to offended by it. So be it.

    @ Devesh
    “Unnecessary post”

    But majority think, it is worth a read.

    @ Joy222
    “aloof, T sen n Tony montana ko kaise miss kar diya” Actually ther are not that regular on NG that is why galti se mistake ho gaya. 2 noticable absente are Tashan and Utkal. So here i go.

    Tashan – No one can beat him in enthusism. He is the biggest fan of any star whom i know virtually. Even Akshay kumar bhi apne bare main itna highly nahi sochata hoga jitna Tashan. But only a request to Tashan. Bhai proof bhi diya karo apne claim ko prove karne ke liya.

    Utkal – He can beat Kiran rao and Saira Banu when it comes to fan of Aamir Khan. Because of utkal i read one of the best line on NG “But utkal Imran is not even Aamir khan production” Courtesy – Suprabh

  7. joey222

    how do u know if ihab does or doesnt speak his mind?? inception movie ka extra tha kya :D ?

    anyway generally a good post..but one complaint…on one hand u say ihab pretends n on the other u say raj is striaght forward…look at raj’s cotw n look at his comments in all salman related posts where he is on a rampage..n then tell us ihab pretends n raj is straightforward..not liking someone is fine..its ur choice..not liking ihab coz u think he is pretentious is well and good..but u try to prove ur point by mentioning someone who has done exactly wat u seem to dislike..a little bit of consistency is all i ask mate

  8. cr7

    good stuff. have fun reading it. agree with some points completely and partially with others.

  9. RJ

    Joey – Its his “opinion”. Not facts! And definitely not the truth. Cos Ihab I think is one of the coolest customers here, more forthcoming and honest than many others, definitely not pretentious. Raj is a nice guy, but can be so blunt to the point that even a dead soul would react. Off late he’s fun to talk to, otherwise it always seemed like he was angry about something.
    Dj I guess is new here, so thoda time lagega aur phir zaroor Re-Scan karega.

  10. Dj

    “How do u know if ihab does or doesnt speak his mind?? inception movie ka extra tha kya?”

    Yaar Sabhi psychirist inception movie se related hote hain kya ? Can’t we make opinion on someone after following him/her ?

    As far as comparision between Raj & Ihab. In my opinion Raj never pretend to be neutral. Everyone knows he is a SRK fan and as RJ said can be so blunt to the point that even a dead soul would react. On the other hand My main problem with Ihab that he pretent to be neutral but in reality he is as big Aamir fan as Milind is of SRK. (I don’t find anything wrong if someone is a fan or fanatic of any actor). And it is my opinion any i am not asking anyone to agree with my opinion.

    @ RJ
    “Dj I guess is new here, so thoda time lagega aur phir zaroor Re-Scan karega”

    Nahi dost I am here since 5 years. Mujhe wo din bhi yaad hain jab Satyam & company Bechari NEELU ke peeche pade rahte the. RKB/Tera baap(Rajen)/ Raj/Ritz bhi usi zamane ke hain. It is just that i don’t like to say that i am old member here.

  11. Manish


    “manish jaisa ng par koi nahin hai..he is the one n only..aryan is proof of that..hai na aryan?:D”


    wow @DJ never knew u have been here for so long .. anyways carry on i never had problems with any of ur post

  12. Akshay

    ahhhh just read this. Dj when you say Akshay or antreas, by any chance are you referring to me :) ?? or as Robert DeNiro would have said it “You talkin’ to me?” :)

  13. dhaanu

    Oye mere baare mein to likho. 2 hafte kya out of range ho gaya tha log bhool gaye. :)

  14. aryan29

    @DJ You have not still not answered??

    what makes you think that i am not mature?

    You are judging me on NG where most of were behaving in immature way atleast for the past few days.

    Just because my age is 22 it becomes easy to give me a tag of IMMATURE.

    Infact most of the members behave in immature way specially in the past days so why are you pointing out to me only just beacuse my age is 22 and not around 30.These words are too personal that jab 30years ka hoga tab mature hoga.You dont have enough idea about my life how mature or immature i am you know nothing to judge such things about me so never say such things about anyone without knowing enough

    And still tell me what made you think that i am immature if you are talking about that one post then there were thousand of such similar comments/posts by number of members who are so called mature members according to you.
    So dont ever say such things when you have no enough idea about it and just because i am young it becomes easy to give such tags.

    and even if anyone is immature then also WTF jab 30years ka ho jyega tab maturity aayegi.Its not necessary. Have you heard this

    You are only young once, but you can be immature forever.

  15. danish

    @DJ – itna pyaar…. itna pyaar….. itni khushi….. (imagine govinda in ‘partner’ expressions on my face) itni khushi….

    nice post by the way. i like these self referencing posts, i dont know why some, inluding moderartors, are against them. remember 40% of fun on comedy circus and watever lil fun filmfare awards have, come from self referencing. i dont like it in movies though.

    agar shalu mod bani tab to mujh se baat karni padegi. waise main bhi shahid kapoor ka biggest fan hoon. iss par bhi na baat ki to wo post yaad hai na titled ‘abbey gadhon’. tab to mod hone ke naate ban karne ke liye hi baat karegi.

  16. Ihab

    Dj, go cry somewhere else and don’t accuse me of things I never did. I have never claimed to be a neutral. I am an Aamir fan and everyone knows it just like they know Raj is a SRK fan. I have had no problems with fans but I have always spoken against whining fanatics since most of the times they create problems on NG. Guess that does not sit well with some people. Like you who then accuse me of taking “high moral ground”.

    Just because you are a fanatic and proudly wear it on your sleeve, does not make everyone else a fanatic. Get that in your bigoted mind. Now hows that for “speaking my mind”? I hope you are happy that I am being “blunt” like Raj. I hope tomorrow you don’t complain about me being some rude and heartless man.

  17. Dj

    @ aryan29.

    Yaar when i said immature, belive me i have not malafide intention. OK i am giving you 3 reason.

    1- First thing first that was not an opinion on your personnal life. Mujhe to tumhar age bhi nahi pata thi. You said you are 22 while i assume you are 29, so there you go my comment was only about NG.

    2- When i said immature. It is like the charecter your fav Salman plays on Screen and everybody know Screen and off screen peronality is completley diffrent

    3- When i said jab 30 ke hoge mature ho jaoge that was not my original line. Somewhere on NG i read someone’s comment on you that Aryan 2 saal se 29 ke hi ho 30 ke kab hoge. So it was just for fun.

    4- Last..How you assumed that i commented on your personnal life. Bhayya main tumhe janta nahi. Infact i don’t know any member of NG personnaly. So it quite natural that whatever i have wrote, i wrote based on NG. Mant members have understand that and they took it sportly. But you jump the gun. So what you call that ? And by the way why does it matter to anyone what i think about someone. How does it effecy anyone. I am not your boss. So who cares if i think positively or negativley about you.

    I hope now you understand.

    @ Ihab
    “Dj, go cry somewhere else and don’t accuse me of things I never did”

    1- I never cry or whin, Wo bhi net per aur kisi aire-waire-nathu khaire ki baat main. No Men.

    2- If you see, in my original post or in my response i have never changed my view on you. That’s mean it is my firm opinion on you and i am stand by it. while i explain my stand on Aryan29. Ignore kar do na.

    3- Just because you held a gun on you graviator doesn’t mean you can warn anyone

    One thing is clear with this thread. We have became so touchy, self obssesed and we take ourselves too seriously.

    Now this is the last comment by my side. This thread is closed as far as myself is concerned. Jise jo samjhna hai, Samjhte rahe. Jise offend hona hai. hota rahe.

  18. RJ

    Dj – Post wasnt humorous, it was meant to be touchy. So you did touch some nerves and some hearts. Now you didnt have a problem with the praises, why the problem with brickbats? Arnt you being touchy too?

  19. Ihab

    Yea, I am surprised DJ thought he would write such a thing and I should have taken it in right spirit. The guy calls me directly/indirectly pretentious, dishonest, faker, diplomatic etc what not and expected I would smile and give him a heart shaped ballon back. This was not a humorous post. We have seen lot of posts with references to NG members like some Milind posts, Lambu conversation posts, Joey’s post etc but they all seemed fine because they were in jest and were humorous. Your post is serious and you are giving opinions on members bluntly and don’t want people to take it “seriously”?

  20. Dj

    @ RJ..You propelled me to answer.
    “Dj – Post wasnt humorous.”
    I never claim it is humorous post.
    “Now you didnt have a problem with the praises”

    Now where i went OTT to listen the praises. I even didn’t say thanx to anyony to like my post.
    “Why the problem with brickbats?

    Where did i said i have problem with brickbats? how you assumed that ?
    “Arnt you being touchy too?”
    I already said
    I never cry or whin be toucy, Wo bhi net per aur kisi aire-waire-nathu khaire ki baat main. No Men. Jise jo samjhna hai, Samjhte rahe. Jise offend hona hai. hota rahe. If you say explaining your stand = being toucy. I couldn’t do anything.

    “And expected I would smile and give him a heart shaped ballon back”

    You assume too many things. Tell me where i expected Ismile and give heart shaped ballon from you.

  21. RJ

    Dj – Nothing against you, but what u said in your above comments, wasnt clear. I didnt get it to be honest. Can you please elaborate?


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