Ladies v Ricky Bahl trailer
Arise_Awake | October 31, 2011, 5:39 PM | 4 comments | 0 views

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  1. deadmanwalking

    Its asong not atrailer so cant say anything but the song is ok

  2. utkal

    Great. Ranvir has ther same charisma and energy that Shahrukh had in Deewana and Karan arjun days. sure hit. And Ranvir is a sure star in the making. The future belongs to Ranbir, Imran and Ranvir

  3. Aayush

    Ranveer is trying too hard to copy Ranbir. Ofcourse he has the looks. But everything depends on his acting skills. Otherwise everything is fine.

  4. utkal

    Ranver’s acting talent has been on display aplenty in Band Baja Baraat. and it was a tad better than that of Ranbir in Sawariya. Of course, since the, Ranbir has proven his versatility in diverse films and with Rockstar he is sure to scale new heights.


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