Ra.One: Main Part Kharaab Hai!! (SPOILER ALERT)

Spoiler alert- Those who haven’t watched the movie yet- Please don’t read this-

Also, this is not a review- this is just a comment on the movie’s core premise (it’s main part)- I concur with most of the things Suparbh has said in his review- so there isn’t a need for me to write a review-

Ra.one is a computer game which has two characters- Ra.one (the villain who cannot be defeated), and G.one (The much less powerful hero). There is a concept of a HART (Hertz Amplified Resonance Tuner)- which adds a human dimension to these game characters (no idea how- has not been explained at all)- but somehow the Ra.one character manages to come out of the game in the real world (no explanation how- but still cinematic liberty can be granted)- The coming out of the game scene has been done very well- the computer program of Ra.one leaves the game and travels to the prototype some distance away via wireless waves- and brings the prototype to life- But it does something more too…

It bulks up the prototype- and makes it more impressive and daunting… How a computer program can manage to create mass out of thin air is questionable (again no explanation given- but again cinematic liberty can be granted)- Anyways Ra.one also has the power to transform into anyone he wishes to transform into- The robotic prototype can become a humanoid at will (how? Again no explanation given- but again cinematic liberty can be granted)- So Ra.one (metamorphosed into a Chinese guy) kills the creator of the game and moves on to kill his son who had almost managed to defeat Ra.one in the computer game.

So counter Ra.one- the son decides to revoke G.one (the hero!!) in much the same way- there is some HART concept again- and once again the same procedure is created- So G.one leaves the game- BUT… BUT…

G.one is also a computer program that enters a prototype – much like Ra.one- But G.one is not robotic at all- It is human (a replica of the game’s creator)- It is a humanoid (HOW??? Cinematic Liberty?? NOT THIS TIME)

How can a similar procedure result in two entirely different results- The whole concept of coming out of the game is absurd- but even then there is some case for a program to enter a prototype and bringing it to life- But how can a computer program create humanoids? But even if it can- why two different results for the same computer program procedure- If the computer program would have entered the dead body of SRK and brought him to life- it would have still made more sense (would have been nonsense nonetheless)

So G.one is a humanoid who is less powerful than its counterpart Ra.one. It manages to defeat Ra.one in their first encounter- but the evil is not destroyed as its HART was with the hero.

Jump to post interval- G.one has to travel to India- the son tells him to metamorphose into a fellow traveler with body piercings. But G.one can metamorphose- it does not have the power (then how come it became a humanoid?? Contradictory!!)- But anyway- G.one decides to change clothes with the man- AND ALSO ADOPT IT’S BODY PEIRCINGS!! (Cinematic liberty- can be ignored)

In India- G.one behaves like a perfect humanoid- Chalo fine- sprouts emotions- makes promises… Ra.one comes to India- metamorphoses into Kareena, sings Chammak Challo- controls the real Kareena into crashing a local train into CST (So Ra.one also has the power to hypnotize- which G.one can counter by some weird chutki that emanates blue light)

The climax- The Ra.one vs G.one fight- we are told it takes place in some high rise place in Mumbai- But it looks like they enter Hogwarts (or the game or whatever)- They all literally enter the game setting (Cinematic Liberty?? SRK ko sab chalta hai) G.one defeates Ra.one not before Ra.one multiplies into 10 creatures (I won’t call it a robot/humanoid/ program/human- in fact I can’t- it’s a cross between all these) G.one disappears with Ra.one…

End of Story? Not really

The son finds the remains of G.one’s HART- and manages to revive the computer program- which emanates signals that result in the formation of a brand new G.one (Solid mass) How signals can create mass- New research I guess- Cinematic Liberty could have been granted if they had not shown something else altogether initially…

There are tons of bad things about Ra.one the movie- but the thing is- ki iska ‘main part hee kharab hai’ The concept is flawed- it’s contradictory- it is unclear- and it takes everyone for a ride- takes the audience for granted… Rest of the things- although pathetic- can still be pardoned…

The makers still have the guts to say that they took Indian cinema forward… really my view is that don’t show this to foreigners if you don’t want them to laugh at us…



  1. smilesandlaffs
    October 29, 2011 at 5:02 PM

    piyush, they are immersed in fighting and taunting full scale. Even if some nuclear bomb explodes in the neighbourhood, it wont make a difference to them as much as the latest boi figures.

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