Shahrukh VS Salman – A Comparative Career Study
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On the eve of RA1 release i am presenting a comparative career analysis of the two khans. This is a part of a larger study of top 10 stars of the last two decades but here i am only re-publishing the srk- salman comparison.

the methodology- total value (TV)

all time blockbuster =10 marks
top 5 films of the year = 9 to 5 marks (9 for top hit, unless ATBB)

hit but still not in top 5 = 5 marks

outside top 5 list

semi hit – 4 marks

above average – 3 markS

average – 2 marks

below average (15% commision earner) = 1 mark


Credited value (CrV)
Solo hero – full TV (Total value)
2 hero/3 hero films – TV divided by 2/3
extended special appearence – 2 marks (IF another star has a special appearence /extended spcl apprnce in srk/salman film, his credit of 1/2 marks gets deducted from srk/salman marks)
special appearence – 1 marks
fleeting appearnce – 0 mark


SALMAN KHAN           TV           CrV                   SHAHURK KHAN  TV    CrV
maine pyaar kiya         10            10                         deewana                8         4
baaghi                                4              4                           chamatkar           2         2
saajan                                 9            4.5                          raju ban               2          2
sanam bewafa                7              7                             baazigar             6           6
kurbaan                           4               4                             darr                     7          3.5
hum aapke hain k        10          10                              DDLJ                 10          10

karan arjun                    8              4                             karan arjun        8             4

jeet                                   7               3                         raam jaane          3            3
judwa                              5                5                            army                 2            1
auzar (1/2 to sanjay 1             0.5                        DTPH(1 to akki)     8           7
kuchh kuchh                10             2                           pardes                     7            5

PKTDK (2to arbaaz) 7                5                             yes boss                    3           3
bandhan(2 to jackie)5              3                            kkhh (2 to salman) 10       8
jab pyaar kisis se        3              3                          duplicate                    1            1

biwi no                            9              7                        baadshah               1            1
hum saath satah          8              4                           mohabbatein           8          3

hum dil de                     6               3                             josh                      3          2
har dil jo pyaar           2                2                             k3g                       9           3
dulhan hum le jaa      3               3                             devdas                       8           8
chori chori                   2                2                    hum T H S                   6            3
hum tumhaare           6                 3                         KHNH(3 to saif)         8            5
baagbaan                      7                2                  chalte                          4            4
tere naam                      3               3                     veer zaara                   9            9
mujhse shaadi              6               3                   main hoon                   7            5
garv                                  1               1                        don                           5           5
no entry                         9               3                    kabhi alvida               5            2
maine pyaar kyu         7              5                              om shanti                 9            9
lucky                                1               1                         chak de                   6             6
partner                           7              3.5                       rab ne                     8             8
wanted                           8               8                        my name                5              5
veer                                 1               1
dabangg                        10             10
ready                                7             7

Bodyguard                   8             8 (assmng 1 bgr hit)
TOTAL Salman TV 201    CrV  144.5        Sharukh   TV       188     CrV 137.5

(all information from single source


kindly note that all the ususal cribs have been taken care off. for example :

1. how can u credit salman for KKHH – well he has been given only 2 out of 10 marks and srk 8 markS (srk with a role little longer than salman in kkhh in deewana gets 4 marks out of total value of 8 while salman only 2 out of TV of 10)

2. how can u credit salman for baghban, well only 2 marks for a special apparence.

3. while just one very small star zayed has eaten off 2 marks from main hoon na, everyone from arbaz to sohail to mohnish behel to even sanjay kapoor have eaten off marks from salman’s credited value. so dont accuse me of any bias.

As u must have noticed total value of all salman films is 201 while srk TV is 188, thats a huge gap but can be covered with two big hits. however the credited value of all salman films is 144.5 marks while srk is 137.5 and can be covered with just one big hit that makes it to third spot (7 marks) in the top 5 films of the year list. so the competition is rather neck to neck.

still both in terms of total value (TV) and credited value (CrV) salman is ahead of srk. this is the most scientific excersize possible that takes care of every factor.


for full study (with minor updates missing ) of top 10 stars go to

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  1. danish

    plz be objective in response as i have been in analysis!

  2. ranju

    Some people take Ng very seriously, certainly Its good for Ng. However, wake up kid, there are lots of things in earth than telegu( criminal) khan and srk. Get some fresh air, make few friends in real life.

  3. danish

    ranju if u dont wanna excersize ur brain cells u cud have skipped reading it! but reading it and then commenting upon it and still pretending to not take NG seriously shows u r complexed abt something.

  4. fearlesssoul

    @Ranju – When you and Shilac keep farting and licking axx’s of each other how can anyone get fresh air?
    “make few friends in real life.” – Instead of provoking others you need to have friends in real life as I find you only with Shilac’s company

  5. danish

    @fearlersssoul – exactly. as far as they keep giving their two penny opinion on srk’s superiority its fine, but a real scientific, serious excersize that brings out the truth bugs them.

    anyways guys plz respond to the post (list and scores) if u disagree on anything. rest is immaterial.

  6. Phantom

    Arey ATBB mein hi Salman jeet gaya
    ab baaki sab likhne ka kya faayda

    Ab Srk ko agli ATBB Dabangg-7 mein hi milegi jab villain k bhai ka role karega

    tab tak toh yeempossible

  7. danish

    @phantom – arrey boi ko srk thode paise dega to ra1 50 cr par bhi atbb declare ho jaayegi. if they can declare don and kank hits, they can do anything.

  8. ranju

    Telegu (criminal) Khan’s chawl fans are few notch higher than jokers clown fans on bad mouthing. Hope, someday they go school and live a civic life unlike T. Khan.

  9. Delight44

    What about
    -10 for flops
    -20 for disaster

    As point system and topic belongs to Danish,SRK cant win against Zayed Khan(2nd fav khan of danish) forget Salman.

  10. Delight44

    Marigold(a hollywood flick)deserve special marking probably 100 or 50 (in which direction u can guess)

  11. shezad

    danish ” if they can declare don and kank hits, they can do anything.””
    u forgot to include wanted in this, boi declare it super hit, salman nei kitna dya paisa?

  12. shilac

    FS – I wish n pray u get a life outside my ass..u r obsesses buddy abt it…u can’t comment in any thread without mentioning abt it ;-)

    Aur bhai, take care of your language….I personally don’t care but u start abusing at the hint of a provocation.

    If ranju and myself were licking his others’ ass, what r u doing here with Danish?

    Danish – good attempt, I will try to be objective n scientific in my replies as u advised. :)

  13. fearlesssoul

    It was long back written comment I stopped when u stopped.

  14. fearlesssoul

    Ranju banjao Gentle Men like Srgay

  15. winner

    as expected …rubibish n bakwas se lallu fans ka janmo ka nata h .iske ilawa inhe kuch ni aata h ….tabhi to salman hamesha adhr m reh jata h

    RIP lallu fan

  16. Prateek

    @Danish – Assign marks to Flops n Disasters also.. Then the picture ll b more clearer…

  17. right


    Your nonsense makes no sense. KANK was Hit by all Trade except Komal Nahta, so stop cribbing and crying on that. Don you can argue as it was Hit only by BOI remaining had it Semi-Hit (Taran Adarsh, Vinod Mirani & Amod Mehra). And if you are using BOI the model than SRK leads by 1 film.

    Shah Rukh Khan – 20 (Deewana, Baazigaar, Darr, KA, DDLJ, Pardes, DTPH, KKHH, Mohabbatein, K3G, Devdas, KHNH, MHN, VZ, KANK, Don, CDI, OSO, RNBDJ & MNIK).

    Salman Khan – 19 (MPK, SB, Saajan, HAHK, KA, Jeet, Judwaa, PKTDK, KKHH, Biwi No.1, HSSH, Baghban, Mujhse Shaadi Karogi, No Entry, Partner, Wanted, Dabangg, Ready & Bodyguard).

    Next time don’t make these types of stupid comparisons. We know Salman has more number of Hits compared to SRK, but SRK in his own right has maintained very well. BOI as model can’t be used fully as for both SRK and Salman they have reduced number of Hits.

  18. shilac

    what about flops?
    Otherwise, the person with more number of films will get advantage…what say Danish?

  19. Dj

    Danish Babu isee ko kehate hain. Meetha-Meetha Gadap, Kadwa-Kadwa thu. No mention offlop and disasters. Still I belive in your scienctific study. You put a lot of effort. Phir bhi final score is

    Salman TV 201 CrV 144.5
    Sharukh TV 188 CrV 137.5

    It is not as bad for SRK as you want to prove and not as great for Salman as you want to prove from the first day of your on NG.

  20. suprabh


    I am the last person to comment on Box office…As you know I am weak in Box office mathematics (seriously–no sarcasm here) so I can’t comment much. However, having read your posts and comments for a long time, I can say you wouldn’t have been biased while doing any calculations..So once again..Two thumbs up from me for this post..I appreciate it for the effort and level of detail..However I would have included the list of flops as well for a clear yuvraj and Pir bhi dil hai hindustani..,,anyways since its not my domain..I will let the usual suspects battle it out.

  21. rks

    Agreed..Include flops and disasters with negative number on opposite side of scale and divide by number of movies.

  22. danish

    @delight44 and many others – the reason flops are not included in this list is becoz film industry has a very high/ strict definition of successful (double the investment is hit, 15% commisiion is just below average. in most industries profit margins are 15%) also if u are talking about a producer then flops matter as he loses moeny on flops, actorsd dont. in actor’s cases the flops come in wen evaluating one crucial aspect hit-flop ratio. on every other scale they are immaterial, in fact if u are counting total footfall and total boxoffice revenue impact, flops even help.

    also even if -1 for flops and -2 for disasters were debited most stars wud have their marks debited and the final tally may remain the same. contrary to popular perception, salman doesnt have many more films than sharukh. imdb lists 75 titles for srk and 84 for salman. minus the special appearences the list wioll be more or less close.

    i dont react to opinions on a scientific threads (that i do on tashan’s ridiculous threads) so i wont respond to ur opinion on marigold.

    @shezad – wanted is the 2nd biggest hit of 2009, don and kank dont even feature in top 5 films of 2006. wanted got a premiere tv rating of 4 tvr on star plus don/kank less than 2.

    @shilac – thanx. i will wait for ur rational response. also FS is just being humorous, ismein itna gussa karen waali kyaa baat hai?

    @winner – only rational commenst invited on this thread. and u must have noticed i m replying to each RATIONAL comment.

    @prateek – plz read and respond to my explaination on not including flops.

    @right – though i have cribbed about kank and don, its in a comment. i have not fiddled with the boi verdicts in my analysis as u must have noticed both films are there, with the same verdict that boi has given. and still the score is there for u to see.

    @shilac – read and commnet on my explaination on flops.

    @DJ – i have explained about flops in this comment on top. also if u noticed my last line i have myself said the gap is not too much and can be covered with just one hit on CrV and 2 Hits On TV.

    @suprabh – u also read the top response in this comment to see my explaination for flops.

    @rks – same as suprabh and others above.

  23. Yakuza

    @RKS Agreed..Include flops and disasters with negative number on opposite side of scale and divide by number of movies.

    In that sense Ranbir Singh(BBB fame) will be ahead of SRK and Salman .. :)

  24. danish

    @yakuz- exactly. these ppl dont understand the business dynamics. we are looking for the indicators of popularity, not the opposite of it. we will count the flops when we are looking for the least popular and it will be a tough fight between sanjay dutt and abhishek bachchan.

  25. shezad

    danish “wanted is the 2nd biggest hit of 2009, don and kank dont even feature in top 5 films of 2006. wanted got a premiere tv rating of 4 tvr on star plus don/kank less than 2″

    what was your point? kabhi kabhi toh serious jaab dya karo. to refresh your memory bro, you said
    “arrey boi ko srk thode paise dega to ra1 50 cr par bhi atbb declare ho jaayegi. if they can declare don and kank hits, they can do anything.”

    and i reply to you saying ” u forgot to include wanted in this, boi declare it super hit, salman nei kitna dya paisa?”

    now can you tell me by who anted is the 2nd biggest hit of 2009? by BOI, the same boi you critisize bcz they said don and kank hit
    so in you words salman in an even biger corrupt and more money to boi to declare his film super hit and 2nd bigges hit.

    also your point of not counting flops is ridiuous
    you say “we are looking for the indicators of popularity,” to kia flops se popularity peh koi farak nahi parta, a flop dont interfere in the popularity f the star? anser it pls instead of running away

    “imdb lists 75 titles for srk and 84 for salman”
    i opne the srk filmo lit on this site and the first 10 i got are in this order
    don2 , ra one , always kabhi kabhi, , koochie koochie hota hai, dhula mil ghia, aho wish karein, billu, rnbdj, kismet konection and boothnath,
    i dont even go down to read te rest.
    in this 10 film how much of srk film? ONLY 3 jin mei sei 2 are not even released

    “also if u are talking about a producer then flops matter as he loses moeny on flops, actorsd dont”

    danish the same for hits, producer make money on hits , actors dont.
    if actor popularity and salaries go up with hits , so the same goes for flops where actor popularity go down and affect its salary.

  26. danish

    @shezad – wen u mentioned wanted i thot u were refrerring to it as a ‘dubious’ hit. and hence i explained that though boi may manipulate verdicts (for don and kank) they cant mess with the numbers as many sources have it and since wanted is the second biggest hit of 2009, it cant be a dubious hit, don and kank can be.

    if that wasnt ur point then i dont understand what did u mean at all by ur quote.

    and biased as boi is (in favour of akshay,, srk,aamir and hrithik) i have always conceded that its the only comprehensive source of boxoffice data and wen i take numbers from boi, i dont change them according to my view. that is why, as u can see both don and kank in my anlysis above have been given TV of 5 with don’s entire TV going into srk tally. so i dont know wats ur crib. what i said in a comment in a light hearted manner to phantom has not been allowed to affect verdicts. scroll up and cross check.

    as for flops i gave two points. one u have countered and is partially valid. but about the other are you trying to say srk ahs more films listed erronously/unfairly at imdb than salman? the 84 salman khan films include tell me oh khuda, prem ka game, banda ye bindass hai, tv show dance india dance, heroes, hello, saawan, tv show indian idol, love at times square, dhai akshar prem ke, sirf tum, sar utha ke jiyo, deewaan mastana, dus, and dushman duniya ka. that is 15 films (including two tv shows where he must have judged or visited) add to that ek tha tiger which is not released and that is 16 ‘wrong’ titles. agreed that srk also might have had 10-12 unfair titles but the gap between the two remains very narrow.

  27. shilac

    yakuza – its need to be an apples-to-apples comparison.

    In Cricket , Average is a great indicator but only when the player had played for long enough. If someone hits a century on debut, he doesn’t become greater than Sachin.

    Danish – I find your reason for not including flops ridiculous. If you want to make this post really objective, include the number of flops and disasters and why only – 1 and -2…why not -5 and -10?
    A disaster does harm the popularity of an actor in a big way.

  28. danish

    @shilac – but shilac the economics dont indicate that flops demand deducting 5 and 10 marks. in fact in the long runs most flops make money through interiors, tv, and home video at least those of the big stars. the only films that loose money eventually are the disasters and i dont think big stars have many of them.

  29. shilac

    danish – depends.
    in the long run, people will forget flops if the actor has much more hits and BBs than flops and disasters.
    Look at TMK, it was not even a flop ..just a hyped film which ws trashed by people and it has damaged the reputation of Akki hugely.
    If Wanted would have released today, it might have done more than 150 Crores…at that time, Sallu was not going through a good phase and people did not have faith in his movies.
    So, yes, they should be considered. about the exact amount for deduction, it is you to decide.

  30. rks

    Yakuza – “In that sense Ranbir Singh(BBB fame) will be ahead of SRK and Salman ”
    Of course you will weed out outliers in any statistical analysis.

  31. Fasel

    Another stupid retarded list. The only reason Danish wont list out the flops because it will clearly show Salman below SRK. Simple as that.

  32. danish

    @shilac – i never get into subjective areas like reputation, appreciation etc. if wanted had done 150 cr today, i wud have added 150 cr. since it had done only around 70, i added the rank (2nd biggest hit of the year that means 8 marks) it was given according to that collection. may be dilwaale dulhaniya released today wud have done 20 cr. but i dont get into all that speculation.

    @fasel – to begin with i have clearly given the reason for not counting flops. but even if u do, i dont think it will make much of a difference as salman will have 5-6 more flops than srk and it will deduct just 5-6 marks frm his tally.

  33. danish

    @rks- this is what i had tried to do rks. i had done away with other things (like hit flop ratio, total boxoffice impact etc) but if u want a more scientific excersize, everything else will figure incluing average budget of srk/salman movies. shoudnt they?


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