“Criminal Ra One” (Video Song)
Aryan29 | September 24, 2011, 1:42 AM | 55 comments | 0 views

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  1. Prateek

    @Texasdada – Apologies from my side too for reading ur comment…

  2. Shalu

    Is it just me or does anybody else also feel that Kareena is crossing the line between sexy and vulgar in Ra.One songs?

  3. ranju

    Sorry to say, but did not like. If their target audiences are young children then this is not appropriate. I can accept this sort of thing from salman/akshay not srk. Anyhow, kareena looking good. Agree with Shaluji, this is crossing limit between sensuality and vulgarity.

  4. milind

    Vulgarity is this,if it has to be:

    What Kareena is doing,is not at all vulgar.

    SRK dies just after this song. :D

  5. Ihab

    @ Milind

    Ok, let me clear what I meant when I wrote this in that thread :- “Btw, I hope people know who I am calling a Pseudo Intellectual. For the ones who don’t even check out the video and talk, its the guy standing in the Que behind Allen. The one acting like Cinema Expert

    Mere bhai, I was hoping people know who I was referring to in the video as Pseudo Intellectual and that was the man in the line. I wrote that comment so that people don’t get confused whether I am calling Woody Allen a pseudo Intellectual, which I CLEARLY wasn’t.

    Just wanted to clear things. I will be glad if you understood what I meant when I posted that video. I wasn’t talking about either Woody Allen or Annie Hall. Just that scene and the guy in the video doing a perfect depiction of a pseudo intellectual. And like sputnik said, I didn’t say anything like Woody Allen or anyone liking Annie Hall as pseudo Intellectual.


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