Is Murder 2 A Rehash of Old Bhatt Movies

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I happened to see Murder 2 yesterday, wasn’t very impressed with It to be frank, coz oddly enough it bore a lot of similarity in terms of plot to old movies from the “Bhatt House”. I guess Mohit Suri just did a quick Rerun of some old Bhatt Flops and along with the script writer came up with a khichdi called Murder 2.

Prashant Narayanan killing Prostitutes to satisfy his inner hatred towards them is directly lifted from the  Irrfan Khan, Bipasha Basu & Dino Morea starrer “Gunaah” in which Irrfan plays a Psycho cop who kills prostitutes for pleasure

The torture which he subjects his victims too and Prashant’s demented behaviour & antics are directly based on the character portrayed by Ashutosh Rana in the Akshay Kumar – Preity Zinta starrer – “Sangharsh” in which Ashutosh Rana plays a psycho out to kill young children to offer them as sacrifice.

The Eunuch Leader who bails Prashant out reminded me of Maharaani – The Iconic villain of Sadak brilliantly portrayed by Sadashiv Amrapurkar.

Prashant creating The Devil’s idols is again copied from Sangharsh where Ashutosh prays to the devil to become Immortal
Apart from these similarities, and a plot hole in which Reshma is Killed by Dheeraj, why was she killed despite it is shown that she turns to the call girl profession due to financial extremeties and tries to help her family and even pleads to be spared, If she was bumped off to evoke sympathy in the viewer’s mind  then I feel Jacqueline’s character should had been eliminated coz she had nothing to do in the movie except looking good and act horny!!!

Apart from this there is nothing much to write about Murder 2 except that Prashant Narayanan really got into the skin of the character and you really feel to personally kill him yourself when you see him…THats how Real He was as a Psychopathic Demented Killer.
So This was my first post at NG summarising Murder 2 from my view, Please feel free to comment your views on my post.

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  1. aryan29
    July 28, 2011 at 9:15 AM

    @maverick12210 fantastic analysis :)

    u r cmpltly 100% right abt hw mohit suri and mahesh bhatt have tken the same plot from the mahesh bhatt movies itself and mohit suri has just made a khicdi of them and tht too not a grt one.

    but wht mtrs above all is box office and the fact is tht mahesh bhatt mohit suri and team hve nailed it in b.o big time,.probably more than their expectations ;) so they wl just dnt cre as long as janta is likng the film and its wrkng very well at the B.O. so expect such similar plots and films frm them in future too :D

    anyways nice post :)

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