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Arise_Awake | July 26, 2011, 7:25 PM | 10 comments | 0 views

From Beld to Sandy, Shalu, Lalsub….

From Me to NG : One of My Fav

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  1. Tanned Sen

    My Dear Arise

    Exhilarated to see you back. I dont know if that first song was your choice or your friend Beld’s but god bless both of you – what a divine song. It is one of my favorite numbers – probably Hemant Kumar’s best rendition ever. I cant talk for them but Sandy, Shalu and Lalsub should be mighty pleased to get such a lovely song in their name.

    For making my day Sir – here is a special song for you and your friend Beld.

    The beauty of this song is that it is one of the few songs that featured both Kishore and Rafi Saab – probably the 2 best singers of our lifetime

  2. Aloof

    soothing. easy on the ears and senses. a simple but beautiful thought. What is refreshing is the mood the song is sung in. There is less of a pain more a longing as if the mere thought of the lover is bringing a smile to his face. He is not pleading to his lover rather charming her with the thought of a simple union. The music creates the atmosphere and the voice compliments it perfectly. A delight for the poet inside.

    Tum Pukaar lo

  3. Arise_Awake

    Thanks Mr Sen :)

    Dear Beld left it to me to choose the song for dedication !!!!!!!!!!

    He has more faith in my choice than his own :) :) :)


    Agree on all counts :)

    About the 2nd song, Lata considers that one of her best 20 songs ever

  4. sandy

    Khamoshi had some of the most haunting songs. But a very disappointing and overrated film for me.
    Oh that Rajesh Khanna song is awesome. so beautiful. I heard the version in Dil Vil Pyaar Vyaar.
    Thanks AA and Beld.

  5. Shalu

    Thank you Beld :) And kudos AA for the song selection! I absolutely adore Tum Pukar Lo.

  6. sputnik

    Love the song “Tum Pukar Lo” from Khamoshi. Also love the songs “Woh Shaam Ajeeb Hai” and “Humne dekhi hai ” from the same movie. Great music by Hemant Kumar and great lyrics by Gulzar.


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