Krrish 2 music sold for Rs. 6 crore
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Rakesh Roshan’s eagerly awaited Krrish 2 starring Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra, Chitrangda Singh and Vivek Oberoi seems to be a grosser even before it is ready. Besides the fact that Rakesh Roshan has sold the film to multiple distributors as well as sold the channel rights, sources reveal that the music of the film, composed by Rajesh Roshan, has been acquired by T-Series for Rs. 6 crore.

It may be recalled that Krrish was labelled a trendsetter as it was one of the highest grossers of 2006. Half a decade later, one is expecting the sequel to once again set the box-office ringing.


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  1. Doga

    First time since Ghajini , a movie got this much only for Music

  2. MR.Callaway

    @doga- taran said 6cr excluding promotion! Does that mean T-series will pay more for promotion?? And Is 38cr satelite rights also true??

  3. Doga

    Yes, T – Series might do 15-20 lakhs extra , basically in the promotion of the movie’s music.

    Satellite price seems to be huge, but its too early to say definitive number.

    38 cr can be true but sometimes PR/Media jacks it up including Tax etc.

    Even for music some media said 10 cr, which is hard to believe but Taran/Indiafm are far more reliable, so 6 cr makes sense even though its huge number for Music nowadays.

    Just like for ZNMD its around 23 cr but it ranged from 20 to 27.(27 cr number they included Tax and highly dodgy source, as they have Aarakhshan 23 cr, which seems impossible). EROS had 22-24 cr range for ZNMD.

  4. akash

    hr gonna own next year with agneepath and krrish2.

  5. MR.Callaway

    Thnx doga!! Tax or not but they’ve mentioned the film has got 1cr more than Ra-one! So could be true!!

  6. Doga

    Yes, 35 cr and Krissh 2, 36-38 cr is possible i guess.

  7. DK

    @Doga bhai, even the overseas Rights of the movie has been sold at 20 cr. Hope this movie turns out well.

    Another Report, Ra-one Music rights has been sold to same T-series at the amount of 15 c including all cost. Previous best was Devdas at 10cr.

    These are huge amounts. If it true then Ra-one already recovered 50 cr from Non-theatrical rights. massive

  8. Doga

    Yes, though as usual i will try to keep track.

    15 cr could be for various rights, Music,DVD,Games etc.

    Let see, i would like better source though(such as Krissh 2 news).

    35 cr Satellite yes is true though.

    Since Ghajini/Rab ne music sales have been disastrous thus movies used to get very low revenue but i guess now some companies are seeing more avenues.


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