Murder 2 Is Second Blockbuster Of 2011
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Murder 2 Is Second Blockbuster Of 2011

Murder 2 has emerged the second blockbuster of 2011 and the second biggest hit of the year after Ready.


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  1. Tashan

    Greaaat emraan is a Star

    M2 will do same as TY but look at the difference in verdicts indeed Akki is amitabh of our times whose averages used to do as much others Hits so haters stay away:P:P

  2. winner

    Agree wid utashan bhai akki make his oun league….he is far ahed than

    word competition

  3. appledoctoraway

    Tashan/Priyanka: Do u have internet facility on Mental hospital in pakistan? Good thing that u dont get over mental hospital..

  4. Dino

    Ohh great news for Emraan. Sure they will do Murder 3 now.

  5. Tashan

    apple aka banana pakistan main tau paaagal khana nahin hai but india main bohat hain iss liye apna ilaaj jaldi karwo lo kahin bilkul hi paagal na ho jao tum so hurry up

    To mods kindly ban such fake ids who post non sense

  6. Delight44

    EMRAAN’s 12 crore budget movie doing twice of Akshay’s 60 crore budget movies.

  7. Phantom

    So now even Emraan has a solo blockbuster. Akshay wen will u??


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