Murder-2 is horrifying, loathsome, disgusting and….. awesome. :)
Gorilla | July 10, 2011, 2:57 AM | 25 comments | 0 views

Bheege honth tere…pyaasa dil mera……Murder-2 is horrifying, loathsome, disgusting and….. awesome. :)
Never hated a character (villain) on screen before and that makes it a must watch…not to be missed and not to be seen alone!

This is one of the most chilling murder story of Bollywood with extraordinary background music, awesome performances and superb direction. Eimraan Hashmi rocks!

But the crown goes to the Villain. Want to know who she is? Rush to the nearest theatre… it on big screen to cry with fear.

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  1. Tango

    Thanks for your views, though I will still not watch it on the big screen.

    I think villain ka naam Prashant Narayan hai or something hai.

  2. Gorilla

    Murder2 stays with you after the movie like a ghost…’s here to stay and be big, infact very very BIG at the BO.

  3. Gorilla

    ‘though I will still not watch it on the big screen.’

    It’s better not to watch it, if not seen in a big screen.

  4. Ihab

    Thanks for your views Gorilla. Nice to see Emraan getting praises,

    BTW, Murder 2 is a copy of a korean movie “Chaser”.

  5. Tango

    Gorilla mere budhape ka khyal karo :-(

    Jokes aside I only check out only a few stars on screen. Coz ab is umar mein I get a headache if it is an intense and heady picture.

    Big B (If it is an Ek Ajnabee, Sarkar, Paa or BHTB etc.)






    & even

    Sunny Pa ji (if he does an Apne or YPD)

    Ajay Devgn (if it is a film like OUATIM or Dil To Bachcha Hai Ji)

  6. Tango

    Gorilla BTW you are the third person who is praising the film so much. I thus assume that all predictions of a crash may actually turn out to be wrong.

    More so as you are not an Emraan fan or a patron of such films.

  7. devesh

    Tango bhai, thats indeed a very small list. How can you stay without watching a movie in theaters at least once in 2 weeks???

    Gorilla, make sure you do watch The Chaser,a Korean movie.

    I am tempted to go to the theaters now even though I have watched The Chaser and had decided not to watch Murder-2 in theaters.

  8. rks

    “I am tempted to go to the theaters now even though I have watched The Chaser and had decided not to watch Murder-2 in theaters”

    :) . Like DB is trageted at urban youth, this will find audience in B and C center youths. It has some dialogues of 70s-80s type. The background story is good (becuase it is copied scene by scene) but problem is presentation. Korean movie is very macabre and chilling. If you have seen that you most likely to laugh at presentation in murder2.

  9. Nirjhar

    I have the South Korean movie “The Chaser” in my collection … it is a cult movie and one of my many South Korean favorites

    Sometimes I think how easy it is to make a movie for some of our film-makers … just take a good foreign film and make an Indian version … average movie-going public will never know (or perhaps care) if it is a remake of a foreign movie or Alien movie … they will just praise the people associated with the film … at this age of of faster internet speeds and torrent sites, Korean-Japanese-Chinese movies are easily available now … I wonder how long they will continue to do these things and get away with it!

  10. afzalkhan

    just been from M2 and movie is superb ,a must watch movie emraan rocks

  11. javeed

    On one side Sandy (whom i trust)says”avoid this movie” and on the other side Gorilla(whom also i trust)says “movie is a must watch”.What should i do now?Can any reliable third party help me out?

  12. Gorilla

    @Tango bhai “Coz ab is umar mein I get a headache if it is an intense and heady picture. ”

    Well this movie will cause immense damage to your good mood…that’s for sure. I am still to recover from the trauma. As every movie tries to touch an emotional cord, Murder-2 too does the same….it’s the “extreme Hate” emotion this time.

  13. Gorilla

    Thanks afzal for your feedback. I hope your mood is spirited once again. That character needs Taliban kind of punishment. He dies too easily in the end.

  14. Gorilla

    @javeed….Sandy is right and so am I :)
    I mean this movie is bound to get extreme reaction.

  15. sandy

    I hated it – totally. Jaaved – ur call enitrely. BTW, I have a dinner to attend with the Murder 2 team – I dont know how Im going to keep a straight face.

  16. Gorilla

    Gayi Bhains tabele mein :(

    Murder 2 dropped around 14% in Kanpur on Saturday against Friday. Below are the Saturday numbers in Kanpur with Friday figures in brackets.

    Big Rave – 95,772 (95,566)

    Rave Moti – 1,36,667 (1,50,942)

    Cinemax – 81,558 (93,948)

    Inox – 1,08,414 (1,02,858)

    Heer – 88,046 (1,20,818)

    Manjushree – 40,382 (59,124)

    Shyam – 21,857 (41,243)

    Gurdev – 57,234 (70,148)

    Jugul – 16,190 (18,737)


  17. rks

    Have seen bunch of movies in Gurudev, Manjushree and Heer.

  18. Doga

    Gorilla, No Worries, any movie which opens with a bang in single screens sees a small drop on saturday. In Plexes rates go little higher and overall saturday is usually 5-7% less than Friday,then Sunday is big.

    Its only from Monday that real picture comes out.

    Some examples of movies which dropped on Saturday but had a bountiful run are, YPD,Ready,Wanted etc.

    Movies which increase on saturday overall are the ones which havent opened to potential on friday and those who have extremely positive WOM.

  19. Tanned Sen

    Sandy, maybe at the dinner you can ‘put them in their place’ and teach them what a ‘cult’ movie is..ha ha.

    Dear javeed, I would give it a try based on gorilla’s opinion. Movies work differently for different people – so I think one should err on the side of watching it.

  20. O'Rama

    “Sandy, maybe at the dinner you can ‘put them in their place’ and teach them what a ‘cult’ movie is..ha ha.”
    Tanned Sen, how can them when she failed to teach the ‘educated’ guys on NG? .. ha ha

  21. Tanned Sen

    True o’rama, but then it’s always worth trying. Maybe the others would not speak ‘nonsense’ like the educated guys on ng…ha ha

  22. devesh

    RKS, thanks for that info. Surely watching it on DVD now.

  23. Shalu

    Thanks for sharing your views Gorilla. M2 seems to be on its way to become another hit. I won’t be watching it though, for the same reasons you mentioned here. It seems too gruesome for my taste.


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