DElhi Belly, a cult film for the youth?
utkal | July 5, 2011, 12:47 AM | 11 comments | 841 views

Unfortunately I haven’t seen it yet ( Busy with a family marriage on Wednesday). But here is what Komal Nahata has to say:

Delhi Belly had a very good weekend at the box-office. The Aamir Khan Productions’ film made a total of Rs. 23.25 crore (all-India net collections) in its first weekend (July 1 – 3, 2011). The Imran Khan starrer had a good opening on Friday (Rs. 6.25 cr) and collections picked up on Saturday (Rs. 7.5 cr) and Sunday (Rs. 9.5 cr). Some theatres saw packed houses even on Monday! It seems that ‘Delhi Belly’ is on its way to be a cult film for the youth.

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  1. utkal

    Aamir Khan Productions and UTV’s co production DELHI BELLY, which released last Friday, has become a huge success.

    The sixth venture of Aamir Khan Productions is a mass grosser in India. It opened with 7.15 crore on Friday, 1st July. Saturday collections went up to 8.50 crore and increased to 10.75 crore on Sunday, giving a sum total of 26.4 crore business only over the weekend. With films opening to merely 10% to 40% maximum in the recent past, this seems like a new wave that has hit the Indian cinema.

    The overall cost of the film is 24 crore which includes production, print and publicity as well. So, recovering is already done and the business in the coming days will also be something to watch out for given the terrific start of the film and also the revenue it is expected to generate from non-theatrical avenues. It opened across 1200 screens with major occupancy in multiplexes across the country.

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  2. aryan29

    delly belly is a grt entertng youth film but far away from a cult film.

  3. aryan29

    delly belly is a grt entertng youth film but far away from being a cult film.

  4. utkal

    Yeah, Sandy and I seem to have posted it simultaneously.

  5. AmitTrivediFan

    I think it has the potential to be a cult film. however, amir khan should refrain from saying or claiming that its the first dark comedy or in that genre. i think sankat city/99 are the pioneers of dark comedy. delhi belly was successful in getting to that level but i stll hold it below sankat city.

  6. mrabindra

    It seems Delhi Belly will collect at least 50+ Cr. and I think DB is strong on Monday as well. SuperHit !!!

  7. aman

    Its funny that sometime back, here on NG, some ppl were saying that brand Aamir has eroded after DG. :P
    LOL, the success of DB proves that brand Aamir has only got more stronger and respected in the public’s mind :)
    DB becomes the 3rd film from AKP to emerge a success despite Aamir not starring in them after JTYJN and PL (if u ignore the item song in DB). Absolutely awesome. :D
    Aamir, now bring on Dhuan on Jan 26, 2012…your fans are awaiting this one more than ever :D

  8. anuparno

    @amit amir’s next movie titled dhuan


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