Priyanka out of Kaminey 2
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Shahid Kapoor and director Vishal Bhardwaj’s patch up has rung true with the confirmation of the duo coming together for the sequel of Kaminey. However, the real shocker is the omission of Priyanka Chopra in the second part of the film, a role, which won the actress a number of awards.

Speculation states that the reason for Priyanka’s conspicuous absence from Kaminey 2 is her estranged relationship with Shahid and that he has refused to do any more films with her post the wrap up of Kunal Kohli’s next love story.

However, a source close to the film rubbishes these rumours. “No, it’s got nothing to do with the personal equation between Shahid and Priyanka. She just doesn’t fit into the sequel. Nor, for that matter, does Chandan Roy Sanyal, who played Shahid’s best friend in the first part.”

The source further adds, “Vishal is currently scripting Kaminey 2. He will first direct a film with Ajay Devgn to be co-produced by Devgn, Kumar Mangat and himself. He will then start working on Kaminey 2, for which Shahid will have to prepare once again.

Vishal wants Shahid to work on the six-pack look to play one of the twins. Right after Kaminey 2, Vishal will direct 2 States with Shah Rukh Khan for producer Sajid Nadiadwala.”

Talk of a sequel has been on from the time Kaminey was released. It gathered momentum due to the estranged director-actor team’s renewed friendship.

Reports are that Vishal and Shahid bonded at the actor’s birthday bash in February.

They were even spotted together at screenings of Amole Gupte’s (who enacted the main villain in Kaminey) children’s films Aansoon Baney Moti, Ummeed, and, of course, Stanley Ka Dabba. They were joined by Abhishek Chaubey, who wrote the film, reiterating the news of the sequel.


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  1. amin786

    really excited kaminey sequel is in the process hopefully after vishal has made his film with ajay he will start on kaminey 2 priyanka did a good job in the first one dont know why shes not in the second its may be because of saat khoon maaf :lol: but im happy shes not in the second as i want someone else to take her character further

  2. Shalu

    Vishal Bhardwaj has been announcing movies left, right and centre. When does he plan to actually make them?

    Coming back to Kaminey, most of the time I am against sequels as I feel good movies should be left alone. But Kaminey was a movie with a lot of scope for improvement. So this time there is a strong possibility of the sequel being better. And if Abhishek Chaubey is the writer then its really great news.

  3. amin786

    i agree with shalu vishal even announced a film with srk but thats not happening as of now he instead is doing a film with ajay lets see if goes on to make the sequel to kaminey i also agree with u shalu about sequels they spoil the first but alot of people have requested shahid to do the sequel to kaminey on twitter as they really want to see him in action avatar.


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