Clash of the Heartthrobs – Mausam, Rockstar & MBKD releasing together!
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Ranbir Kapoor’s Rockstar and Imran Khan’s Mere Brother Ki Dulhan were going to release on 9th September together. Now Shahid Kapoor’s Mausam has also shifted from its original release date of July 22 and will now release on 9th September too.

Apparently, Pankaj Kapoor needs another month for Mausam’s post-production. Or maybe they just wanted to avoid the clash with Singham. Whatever the reason, this has to be the most idiotic decision taken by any film maker ever. All three films are romance-based and all three actors are heartthrobs. All of them will eat into each other’s business and how!

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  1. Shalu

    By Taran Adarsh –

    The mighty clash has been averted! 22 July was supposed to witness the release of two keenly-anticipated biggies — SINGHAM and MAUSAM — but the confrontation of raw action and romance has been avoided. While SINGHAM is confirmed for 22 July [the theatrical trailer has been attached to the prints of READY], MAUSAM has been shifted ahead, to 9 September.

    However, let me add, the shifting of MAUSAM to 9 September has nothing to do with an equally mighty opponent [SINGHAM]. The genuine reason is that MAUSAM director Pankaj Kapur has asked for an extra month for the post-production work of the film. In view of the fact that the film has shaped up exceptionally well, the director and also the producers of MAUSAM have decided against hurrying up and releasing their film in July.

    Meanwhile, the writer had the opportunity to witness the theatrical trailer of MAUSAM and was left speechless and awestruck by the impact it created. The trailer depicts the varied looks of its principal characters [Shahid Kapoor, who looks debonair and Sonam Kapoor, who looks ethereal] and also merges romance, drama and conflict beautifully in those 2 minutes.

    The first theatrical trailer of MAUSAM will be launched on 24 June [with DOUBLE DHAMAAL], while the second trailer will be launched on 15 July [with ZINDAGI NA MILEGI DOBARA]. MAUSAM hits the screens on 9 September.

  2. amin786

    shalu – i dont think this is official yh mausam has been reported on sept 9th but i dont think three bigs films can come on the same day this clash wont happen i reackon btw september is all clear they have many other release date options

  3. Shalu

    Adnan, I hope so. The release dates do change at the last minute. Till today Mausam’s official release date was 22nd July. And Rockstar and MBKD confirmed 9th September long back. At least one of them will have to move or it will be disasterous for all three.

    Maybe Mausam’s producers know that one of the two films are going to shift and that is why they have blocked 9th September.

  4. amin786

    btw people have said good things about the promo cant wait to see it

  5. Shalu

    Me too Adnan but feeling disappointed with this date change. It would have been much better to release it on 29th July.

  6. amin786

    no shalu im actually happy it moved u see august is the month of ramazan so it not clever to release then so september seems a good month

  7. Superstar sam

    I dnt no wats wrng with pankaj kapur, as he was planing to clash with singam on july 22 when he can release it on 29, nw on sept 9 clashing with two another biggie when he can release a week bfr r later to sept 9,
    nw singam wil get 3 complete week,

  8. Shalu

    Adnan, I guess you are right. And then Sonam plays a Muslim girl in the movie so maybe releasing it 3 days before Ramzan is not right. But one of the 3 movies on 9th Sept will have to move for sure.

    Superstar sam, Yeah Singham will get the real advantage here.

  9. Akb

    Why mausam not release in 5th or 19th auguest?

  10. Tango

    There is some problem between Ashtavinayak and EROS, so till that is solved (I don’t know if they have already !) nothing definite can be said about Mausam release.

  11. the one

    Tango that problem is still there. Eros are asking for 11.50 crore overflow from Ashtavinayak for Golmaal 3 until its sorted Rockstar has no release date.

  12. Tango

    Thanks for that update the one.

    I was not aware of the root cause but at the face of it, it was (in a nutshell) we have all the rights and released this much fund etc. they did this and that. It was long dossier so I could not read through it. Now I will.

  13. Shalu

    Akb, Ramzan starts from 1st August so it is not a good time to release films. Only one big film (Aarakshan) is releasing before Eid and that too to capitalise on the long Independence day weekend.

  14. Shalu

    Tango, the one, Thanks for the info. I knew about the Rockstar problem but how is it connected with Mausam? Does Ashtavinayak have a stake in Mausam too?

  15. Naveed

    Why not release Mausam or MBKD or ROCKSTAR on Eid ;)

  16. rockie_c83

    @Naveed: “Why not release Mau’sam or MBKD or ROCKSTAR on Eid ”

    bro ye log Singham se hi itna “darr” gaye hai … Bodyguard ka to naam sunke pant geeele ho jayenge inn logo ki ….

    I am sure none of these movies will release on 9th Sept …. all are going to get postponed….. they cant “DARE” to release 1 week after Bodyguard….
    I can bet no single screen will be “Ready” to play these movies as all will have Bodyguard still running to packed houses…

    and as all are plex movies… if they release together … all of them will bite dust …..

    All the best to all 3 …. MBKD only looks like will be Hit …. KAT effect….
    baaki rockstar to rlse bhi hogi ya nahi pataa nahi …
    mausam rlse ho bhi gayi .. .to kuch jyada nahi kar payegi …

  17. Naveed

    @ rockie bro – lol man. Your comments are always a treat to read. The ironic thing is I texted Adnan (amin786) when i posted my comment above and said that I have a feeling all these 3 films will not release on the 9th Sep. Mark my words Bodyguard and Ra-1 (both coming on Eid and Diwali) no film will dare come anywhere near these films.

    Last year so many films were expected to release with Dabangg and all shifted by many weeks. Inshallah if READY clicks then the hype around Bodyguard will be massive and those 3 films will struggle henve why i think 9th sep is a working date for those 3 films.

    I will be honest and say none excite me except Mausam and am being honest when I say that. Mausam did very well not releasing with Singham. Bajirao Singham is gonna cause havoc at the BO.

  18. amin786

    rockie – bro since ur a salman fan and navs mate aswell i never take ur comments seriously infact ive stopped reacting to such comments i wait for the films release and let the film do the talk btw one thing i think its wrong to degrade a film without seeing the promo

    Nav – hahaaa very nice comment about releasing them on eid

  19. Manish

    I alsoe feel rockie that MBKD will be only clean hit amongst the three planiing to release on the same day …

  20. rajeevsingh3366

    @taran adarsh News Break: Abbas-Mustan’s ‘Players’ confirmed for release on Christmas, 23 December. Clashes with ‘Don 2′.

    taran tweeted……

  21. Naveed

    @ Adnan – rockie is just joking and yaar you know i don’t bullsh%t when i say I am looking forward to Mausam and am positive about its success. Chill maar yaar chillar party be release hogi 8th July. Bhai co produce kar raha hai

    but pehle Ready dekhe ge :)

  22. amin786

    lol cool Nav tomorrow is the day really excited cant wait


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