TMK – India – Fri 14.45 cr, Sat 14.73 cr – Prakash Jaju
Aayush | December 25, 2010, 9:18 PM | 13 comments | 0 views

Prakash Jaju Tweets –

“TMK – India – Fri 14.45 cr, Sat 14.73 cr … Extraordinary”

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  1. Ritzzi 2.0

    Aayush likes it hot.
    Zandu pulled this number right from his ass sometime back …

  2. right

    so already 29 corers is done. Sunday it will do 15 to 16 Corers. So 1st weekend around 45 Corers. TMK is almost Hit now. I think BOI will have it Hit, Taran Adarsh Average, Vinod Mirani Semi-Hit or Average and Komal Nahta Below Average or Average. Abid, Joginder and Akshay Kumar Fans will have it Super Hit. So it is khushi, more khushi and only khushi for all concerned.

  3. superstar

    how is sunday mrng, if it is steady then tmk wil nt fal mre on mon, if it happens tmk wil be clean hit, day ho

  4. Tango

    Right for superhit it should go past 80 crore in India (in my book), given its 45 crore budget.

    As of now it appears to be heading for hit.

    Today will make it clear.

  5. Aayush

    Tangoji what about sunday morning??? Any idea?

  6. Mannraj

    But it has been sold to Utv for 55 plus 15 for P&A so it is 70 overall.
    to be a hit atlest 90 is required.
    and please can anyone tell me that who is prakash jaju.

  7. Aayush

    Taran Adarsh Tweets –

    “Early estimates. ‘Tees Maar Khan’ Saturday collected Rs. 13.75 cr nett in India.”

  8. buoyant

    who is prakash jaju???

    90 cr for hit is really tough to achieve ..

  9. cineman

    prakash jaju is the ex secretary of priyanka chopra.he started ivin chops som trouble so she fired him.he was the 1st person to reveal the media abt akshay-priyanka affair.

    forgot to mention…i presume he was discharged after psychatric treatment but unfortunately wasnt totally he keeps commin up with insane bo shld jus pity him n ignore………..gosh i think i shld patent this stuff to winkipedia…

  10. Naveed

    cineman – lol

    why do people even post the figures of this guy.

  11. Ali

    Prakash Jaju got arrested for threatening Priyanka and her family.
    Now Prakash Jaju aka JHANDU claims that he is Sub Distributor of few Territories.
    He Just throw Random Numbers without any proof.

  12. Ihab

    ” why do people even post the figures of this guy. ”

    People are posting his figures here because they want to believe the high figures he is claiming. Otherwise, for previous movies, the same people bashed this Jaju guy for giving damn high figures (eg, 18 crores for Dabanng first day).

  13. Tango

    Prakash Jaju is quite a character. He regularly gets false info printed in reputed print media. Once he claimed to be the seceretary of Shruti Haasan and when we put it up the real people got to us and we had to withdraw the news. He regularly does this.

    Actually he was in love with Priyanka.


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