Taran Review – Tees Maar Khan 3/5
Gorilla | December 23, 2010, 7:43 PM | 6 comments | 0 views

On the whole, every movie buff has humungous expectations from TEES MAAR KHAN since it’s already very high on hype. Firstly, fulfilling colossal expectations is an arduous task and over-hyping makes the task even more complex. TEES MAAR KHAN is more of a tribute to old-school Hindi cinema, with a fabulous first half and a strictly average second half. The Christmas weekend and vacations across the globe will ensure a record start in its opening weekend. If only its content was powerful enough, it would’ve truly been a tees maar entertainer!

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  1. Gorilla

    “TEES MAAR KHAN is a film that will see a big divide in opinion: The masses may admire it, while the hard-nosed aficionados and connoisseurs of cinema will loathe it. For me, TEES MAAR KHAN worked in parts only. ”

    Well summed up by Taran Adarsh. Will watcth this movie.

  2. desi pardesi

    Faridoon_S on twitter:

    Absolute disregard 4 any semblance of a story,loud,over d top acting, sometimes funny,mostly offensiv dialogues.Still recovring 4m headache!

    “TEES MAAR KHAN is a film that will see a big divide in opinion”
    Yes, Akki fans will think it is TP, but the sane public thinks it is crap

    Taran wants to give it 2 stars or less, but cannot.

  3. Gorilla

    hmm…so quite clearly most of the critic’s opinion about the movie is going a little against TMK. It’s getting an average rating of 2/5 which is a bit disappointing as I was expecting an average of atleeast 2.5/5 (same as Om Shanti Om).

    WOM is largely mixed as pointed by Taran. Had it not been a festive season it would have been a goner considering its budget, But with festive season, i hope it grosses decent collection.

    Review so far is similar to Akshay’s previous HIT this year – Housefull.

  4. desi pardesi

    akki se acchi film ki umeed rakhna aur TMK theatre mein jaake dekhna dono bekaar hain.

  5. Tango

    Gorilla after watching the later promos of TMK I had said that it looks more like a Shrish film than a Farah film.

    To Manish I had said that unlike Farah’s previous films, which had well defined storylines and script (I know quite a few did not like it or disliked the storys) in TMK I can sense that there is nothing a like a story or script.

  6. drjayparikh

    Yes you are right not even in one frame u feel like its a Farah film

    Its look more like a shirish’s film

    Screenplay and dialogues are culprit here.

    I mean how they have thinking of making such lousy film and even after that all this hype. Deshdrohi>TMK hahahaha

    Dooms day for me



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