Box Office: Housefull Lives Up To Its Name and Gives Akshay Kumar His Biggest Opening Ever
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Housefull lived up to its name with a super response at the box office of 85-90% on huge volume. The evening shows were going house full at most places in the country. Some areas recorded humungous collections on its first day. The critics may not have liked it but public reports are better and the film should emerge a major success.

Akshay Kumar has his biggest opening ever in the form of Housefull. The early estimates also suggest the second biggest first day in the history of Hindi cinema. Based on very early estimates the first day business of Housefull is around the 10 crore nett region. This easily smashes the 7.25 crore nett for Singh is Kinng and 7.50 crore nett for Kambakkht Ishq which were the biggest first day openers of Akshay Kumar.

Housefull is doing tremendous business at multiplexes all over India in its evening shows. Delhi and East Punjab are seeing bumper collections at multiplexes while other places are excellent.

The places where the start was slightly slower in the morning shows showed improvement in the evening. There are some single screens which are below expectations in CP Berar and Bihar but overall this will not make much difference to overall scenario.

Housefull is looking to settle behind the record 13 crore nett of Three Idiots as the second biggest first day in the history of Hindi cinema but it has to be noted that the Three Idiots record was achieved on Christmas Day holiday which is regarded as the biggest day of the year for box office collections in India today. This makes Housefull the biggest non holiday opening day in the history of Hindi cinema.

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  1. Gorilla

    WOW! This is phenomenal. So Housefull gets an opening bigger than Ghajini and MNIK?
    Akshay Kumar starts 2010 with a bang. Even the most conservative estimate will ensure that Housefull will be a superhit.

    I will not be surprised if the opening day collection is above 10Cr.

    32-35Cr Opening weekend is done. Movie will sustain and from thereon make another 50Cr or so.

  2. Doga

    Just saw housefull, liked it.

    Weekend will be there around 32-33 cr or so.

    Movie might fall from Monday onwards but i think will be nothing like 2009 stuff.

    I see an Akki hit here.

  3. Gorilla

    Thanks Doga. Movie might fall as it has taken the second best opening ever and the movie is definitely not comparable with 3I. So fall is likely but then it will trend like Welcome.

  4. Doga

    This was my first Akki movie in theatre after almost 15 years, going with below expectations was good.

    I think even if Movie falls like MNIK, will do 75 + cr.

    Little better will take it to 80 cr.

    Will it fall worse than MNIK, i dont think so.

  5. Doga

    Gorilla, my place here has 17 shows(only MNIK had 19), no other movie running here.

    I saw the movie alone(so Housefull is oxymoron for me, its Emptyfull for me :) ) in the 2nd show here, but saw people coming for other later shows.

  6. Doga

    But usually not many come for first 3-4 shows here, only 8 pm onwards shows start having bigger capacity.

  7. Gorilla

    HOUSEFULL gets a ‘housefull’ opening

    All those (especially director Sajid Khan), who have been waiting with bated breath (keeping fingers crossed) to know the fate of HOUSEFULL, can heave a sigh of relief. As the results are here!

    Sajid Khan has all the reasons to rejoice now as his much touted film HOSUEFULL, which hit the screens today, hasn’t let him down (his towering expectations). True to its title, the film has taken a houseful opening everywhere.

    Barely a few hours past the film released and it has already generated humungous response amongst the trade.

    Devang Sampath, Sr VP, Cinemax India on HOUSEFULL performance at Cinemax properties: “Best weekend of the year so far upto 5 pm shows with prime shows still to perform. 41000 out of 46000 footfalls across 29 properties for HOUSEFULL only. All single screens of Cinemax 100 % full.”

    Prakhar Joshi, Head Programming PVR on Housefull- “1,00,000 tickets sold across all 32 properties of PVR. Thanks to Eros and Sajid Nadiadwala for ending the draught at the box office”.

    Bhumika Tewari, AVP Cinema Programming, Fun Cinemas: HOUSEFULL is ‘housefull’ at all Fun Cinemas properties across India. Eg: Fun V3S Delhi, Agra and Ambala playing only HOUSEFULL in all screens in these properties..

    Inox: HOUSEFULL – biggest opening of this calender year. Have registered 85-90% collections on first day.

    Big Cinemas: Big Cinemas will register 1.15 lakh plus footfalls on first day across all properties in India only for HOUSEFULL.

  8. Gorilla

    Bollybusiness: Housefull : Spectacular Opening

    Housefull has taken mind boggling start everywhere. It was expected and it full fills expectations on opening note. Total capacity for first day is around 18-19 Crore. Yes you heard it right !! If Housefull manage to give houseful boards everywhere, collections will be nothing less than 18 Crore. But in practically scenario where at some places single screens might not have open so well and even some plexes at interiors are average openers, I am expecting 11-13 Crore first day figure. This is exceedingly well collections and will further improve on Saturday and Sunday. 35+ Crore opening weekend is given here. Box-office to rejoice with such a healthy collections after a long time. Get ready for second best opening weekend.

    – Above prediction of weekend figure is in case if movie keeps on same pace throughout weekend.
    – Bigtree is selling average 20 tickets every minute. Average was 7 tickets per minute for MNIK first Friday. Three idiots average was 30+ tickets per minute for entire weekend

    – BollyBusiness

  9. vinodparate

    kool…. where alll those astrologer gone….. housefull will do average business???? hahahahha!

  10. Hazardinbizzare

    I guess 50 cr 1st week is ensured……@ Doga- At wat price was it sold?? Nd how much does it need to reach hit status??

  11. Nahta Rocks

    A 10 cr opening day was expected after the drought with such a big release where max potential for a day is 17-18 cr … its roughly 60% opening overall … which is very good … but the commentary is going overboard here.

    The question here is will the movie sustain? how well?

    80 cr will be a very good total for this movie, i wud rather see how it goes from Monday onwards rather than jumping the gun here.

  12. Gorilla

    Frankly speaking, i too believed that Housefull will fetch good opening. But an opening day bigger than Ghajini or MNIK was unexpected because neither it released on a Holiday like Ghajini nor it carried a media hype like MNIK.

  13. Ihab

    Well, I was sure this movie would make atleast 10 crores on First Day. Its been months (excluding MNIK) since a masala comedy and people were dying to watch a good paisa vasool movie in theatre. Also, lot of people had enough of “sports”.. So, I am not at all surprised that HF managed to make 10 crs..

    I was actually expecting a 11-12 crs for first day becoz some reports suggested 18-20 crs gross on first day.. Anyuways, 10 crs is no joke and the movie is definately on the way to make atleast 32 crs in first 3 days. And I am not even expecting a fall on monday becoz people are in holiday mood and are definately going to watch HF as there is no good release until Kites, wich is 3 weeks away (I am sure Badmaash Company will be a dud which releases on 7th May). So, This movie is definately gonna make around 85-90 crs from India.

    Man… If HF has managed to make arnd 10 crs on firstday.. I wonder what Kites will do. Somehow I have this feeling that Kites is going to have an EPIC opening which will shatter 3 Idiots opening records..

  14. manoj16_391

    Housefull First Day Business

    Saturday 1st May 2010 16.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Housefull grossed around 9 crore nett approx on day one. This is the third highest ever first Friday business behind Three idiots and Ghajini. Both of those films were releases over the Christmas period.

    The approx territorial breakdowns are as follows.

    Mumbai – 3.30 crore

    Delhi/UP – 2.10 crore

    East Punjab – 80 lakhs

    West Bengal – 35 lakhs

    Bihar – 10 lakhs

    CP Berar – 40 lakhs

    CI – 35 lakhs

    Rajasthan – 50 lakhs

    Nizam – 45 lakhs

    Mysore – 35 lakhs

    Others – 20 lakhs

    TOTAL – 8.90 crore

  15. manoj16_391

    So its behind 3I and Ghajini (which came in christmas time).Monday % fall is crucial now.

  16. manoj16_391

    Good first day show indeed (considering recent flops of akshay) but lets make a judgement after first week collections.

  17. Nahta Rocks

    Nothing strange here … i dont swear by BOI numbers … but from what i have seen of them they first give rough estimates and them give produce totals or more exact estimates … on akshay films they first go hyper and then calm down … happened with KI too just for an example.

  18. Nahta Rocks

    Manoj – its better to give a judgment after knowing the end total

  19. manoj16_391

    Nahta rocks

    Of course ,but we know that end totals are subject to the “dreaded’ Monday falls.The first week collections would give us a rough idea what the end total is likely to be.

  20. manoj16_391

    yeah I remember BOI hyperventilating during KI!

  21. Hazardinbizzare

    I too feel that BOI hyperventilates when it comes to akki movie….I mean i read an article during january where it was talking HF as one of the biggest release nd i dont find it givin such articles for others way before its release…..Nd thats not the only time….I’ve found such examples in previous years as well….Kinda strange!!! Hope we dont find some day that its run by some akki fans! Lol

  22. manoj16_391

    agree,lets just wait for action replay and Raavan (for Mrcool’s sake)……till they flop :P

  23. Tango

    BOI have always jumped the gun for most big films and try to put up breaking news about numbers without waiting for confirmations, only ending up contradicting their own numbers.

    They should pay heed to the adage – Better to be safe than sorry.

  24. Akshay

    Ihab – How are you doing buddy? Kites breaking 3I record? Out of question. I think we al must realize what happened with 3I was quite phenomenal, almost some hysteria. I don’t see that even coming close with Kites. Ofcourse I would love to be wrong :)

  25. manoj16_391


    I agree.What happened with 3I was indeed phenomenal.The way it sustained over the weeks was exemplary too.Kites might not break 3I record but I am expecting 50 cr opening atleast or else its a huge disappointment.

    1. Gorilla

      Manoj, 50Cr week 1 opening is a must for Kites considering its price. I think it will if the film has a good story. I am only wary of Anurag Basu. Somehow, he is sounding unhappy in his interviews. He is hinting at Rakesh Roshan’s interference. If he is right, then i will be happy. Rakesh Roshan undertsands the pulse of viewers more than Basu. Just hope Roshan Sr has not done just patch work.

  26. manoj16_391

    ” If he is right, then i will be happy. ”

    Totally agree :)

  27. Nahta Rocks

    just 50 cr opening for Kites will be disappointing in many ways.

  28. manoj16_391

    Agree nahta rocks.but by the above,I mean 50 cr is bare minimum for hrithik to save the blushes!

  29. Nahta Rocks

    given the genre, star, wide release, hype – even a turkey will bring in 50 cr in opening week … but its what happens after the first 2-3 days that counts … thats where 3I made history – not in the opening day or weekend figures … those records will soon go … but getting close to 200 cr or doing more than 100 cr in first 10 days are the historic records … more so than 80 cr week 1 (which of course is great a smaller achievement compared to the end gross).

  30. Nahta Rocks

    MNIK’s 44 cr is the most recent example … and that one did not even have a genre advantage.

  31. manoj16_391


    I guess you are right here.lets see…

    Of course,as for 3I,I agree,more than the opening,its trending was incredibly solid!


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