Kites wont have a Interval : Hrithik


It’s been quite a while since this hunk came to Delhi; Hrithik Roshan has kept his visits extremely sporadic. “Yes. It’s been a while,” he says, talking to us while shuttling across the city on a packed publicity tour.

Just before our conversation, Hrithik was giving media bytes, when someone mentioned that he’d lost weight. “People have been saying this to me for four years now. But yes, it’s good to hear that I’ve lost weight, after the 36 inch-waist for Guzarish,” he replied. So, how busy was he with the Kites blitzkrieg, the session continued. “I am already a little tired, but it’s fun. And it’s an honest film – that was the brief my dad (Rakesh Roshan) and Anurag (Basu, the director of the film) had given me. It’s not within the safety zone of a manipulated commercial film.”

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