Boxoffice Operation : Aankhen (1993)
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Aankhen is a 1993 Bollywood comedy directed by David Dhawan and starring Govinda in a double role and Chunky Pandey. It is a remake of the hit Kannada movie Kittu Puttu, starring Vishnuvardhan which is copied from hit Hindi movie Do Phool, starring Vinod Mehra and Mehmood, released in 1973. It was also remade into Telugu in 1995, starring Venkatesh and Ali.

Week All India Nett Business(Crore) % Drop
1 1.68  
2 1.53 -7.14%
3 1.29 -19.23%

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  1. RAJ

    This movie literally ressurected Givinda’s career..

  2. Yakuza

    He saw three back to back big success in form of Hum(1991), Shola Aur shabnam (1992) and Aankhen (1993) and continued with Raja babu, Sajan chale sasural,coolie no 1, Hero No 1, Jodi No 1, Deewana mastana and haseena maan jayegi . Though he was unable to give anything significant beside David dhawan movies. Even in his second inning his only success (partner) was with David only. I believe govinda is such a fine artiste but very much underutilized. He has given applauded performance in Swarg and Shola Aur shabnam.

  3. Yakuza

    Related Query From Bheja Fry (QA) Section :

    Q : If we compare boxoffice of Ankhen (1993) and Bheja Fry (2007), with lesser cost Bheja Fry made same money as of Ankhen. Then why there is difference between their final verdicts ?

    A : Ankhen was cost around 2 Crore in 1993 and collected 12+ Crore when average ticket was Rs. 10, hence given verdict ATBB. Bheja Fry was cost Rs. 60 Lakhs and collected 11+ Crore when average ticket price was Rs. 120+ (at multiplexes, it was released in plexes mainly), hence given verdict super hit.

    Bheja Fry

  4. Raju Guide

    Good comparison Yakuza! I agree..


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