Just finished watching Rocket Singh and liked it alot. Its a really good movie. Though its plot is slightly predictable, but it is really interesting. I had heard that the movie is slow or boring but not once in between I found it dragging. The Direction and Screenplay were good and not once did I lose any interest.

Ranbir.. This guy is going to make it big in bollywood and I mean BIG. He has the charisma and talent to be a a very popular and successful Actor/Star. Its liek you forget he is Ranbir and start thinking of him as Harpreet Singh. He was very natural as the Honest Sardar Salesman. A very good performance, Controlled and natural.

Among other performances, I really liked Gauhar Khan as Koena, Naveen Kaushik as Nitin and that Hyderabadi “porn” addict Computer engineer (LOL). All of them gave a really great performance. Gauhar was stunning. The confidence in her voice… She acted as if she really worked as a receptionist in a Sales Company. And really like Nitin. Reminded me of Raghu of MTV Roadies Fame. I liked the person who played the Boss too. Good acting. Last but certainly not the least, PREM CHOPRA as Ranbir’s Grandpa. Really good role and nice performance. Damn sweet character. Amazing Chemistry Ranbir and Prem shared in the movie.

The weakest things about the movie were the Acress and the romantic track. Both were certainly not required at all. The romantic track could have been easily avoided. And the actress didnt really get a chance to perform and she didnt really impress in that small role either. Another thing which I found a little weak was the repetition of dialogues. “Spiderman ko bhi Risk Lena hota hai.. Main toh phir bhi salesmen hoon” and “Aadmi ke pas do qualities hote hai, ek Upar jane ki aur ek Neeche jani ki” were repeated dozens of time. Not required.

Anyways, this is a good movie which deserves to be seen atleast once (It doesnt really have any repeat value). It seems realistic and is coupled with great performances.

Rating :-  4/5

Very silly work by YRF for making a movie on Salesmen and not “selling” their product properly. I think they took it very easy seeing how Ranbir had clicked with APKGK.. Thought they could save a few crores by not promoting it that much and that Ranbir’s recent success would fetch an audience. Anyways, this movie was a little “difficult” movie. I am sure people who disliked the movie where a little confused with the whole “Sales” thing. Not an easy movie and certainly not a movie IMO for “timepass” stuff.


  1. Salim
    January 19, 2010 at 8:13 AM

    I liked this film too. It reminded me of Hrishida’s movies starring Amol Palekar from the 70’s. Ranbir really impressed me which i wasn’t expecting!

    But i had more of a blast watching Wake Up Sid :-)

  2. Rocky
    January 20, 2010 at 7:27 AM

    I liked WUS a lot.
    was recently watching all the best again and the one liners in that movie are just superb-

    Fardeen- She is like a Aaya ( nanny) , how can she play the role of my wife?
    Ajay- Tune woh gaana nahin suna-
    Baharon phool barsao, mera Mehboob Aaya hai?? LOL

    Another one-
    Gunda- Kyon Uncle Comedy kar Rahe ho Kya ??
    Sanjay Dutt- Beta Comedy tau abhee hee shuru kee hai, Action main Pichle Bees saal se kar raha hoon ( obvious reference to his action image before and “Munna” image now)

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