Rajeev Masand’s best and worst movies of 2009

It would be a lie to describe 2009 as anything but a disappointing year for quality cinema. Good films were few and far between, and box-office successes were also hard to come by this year. Big stars disappointed with big-budget turkeys, and unlike 2008 which threw up at least a few pleasant surprises like Mithya, A Wednesday and Welcome To Sajjanpur, this year we didn’t discover as many little gems either.

But as is tradition, at the end of every year I pick my personal best and worst films–the Hits and Pits. Based purely on my own personal tastes and opinion, and no reflection on their box-office performance, these are the films that made me laugh and sulk in 2009. So without any further ado, and strictly in no particular order, first up, here’s presenting my Hits and Pits of 2009.


KAMINEY: Vishal Bharadwaj’s wildly unpredictable crime drama with a Tarantinoesque blend of visceral violence and dark humour. The film boasted spot-on performances from its ensemble cast, and experimented bravely with manic cinematography and edgy lighting. To top it off, Kaminey gave us the anthem of the year.



  1. rks
    December 25, 2009 at 11:52 AM

    1. Kaminey
    2. DevD
    3. Gulal
    4. D6
    5. ATB

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