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Eat popcorn, forget logic: Akshay Kumar

Eat popcorn, forget logic: Akshay Kumar 26 Jun 2009, 1602 hrs IST, IANS Akshay Kumar believes in entertaining audiences even if his films come with an ‘illogical’ tag. He admits that his forthcoming “Kambakkht Ishq” belongs to the same category. “I don’t want to get into logical films… I am happy doing films where one

Maldivian filmmaker has SRK on her wish-list

LINK Maldivian filmmaker Fathimath Nahula, whose film Youssuf kickstarts the four-day South Asian Film Festival (SAFF) here Friday, has come to India with two things on her wish-list. First, to see her film about the challenges of a deaf and dumb boy set the ball rolling. Second, to meet Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan. “I really

My thoughts on New York

Thrill with a will Actors: Neil Nitin Mukesh, John Abraham, Katrina Kaif and Irrfan Khan Director: Kabir Khan Stars: ***1/2 New York — that has been the location for romantic adventure and misadventure in countless Yash Raj films serves this time as the backdrop for a political thriller centered around the 9/11 attacks.

Actress Farrah Fawcett Dies at 62

LINK Farrah Fawcett, 62, golden-haired sex symbol of the late 1970s most remembered for her appearance on bedroom posters and the detective series “Charlie’s Angels” and who later found a niche portraying troubled women in made-for-television dramas, died today at a hospital in Santa Monica, Calif., of cancer. Ms. Fawcett was a Texas-born college dropout

Sibal Plans To Scrap Class 10 Board Exams

LINK In a pathbreaking step towards reforming India’s school education system, Human Resource Development Minister Kapil Sibal is considering doing away with the Class 10 Board examination, and setting up an alternative evaluation system based on percentiles, not percentages. “The Indian education system which is marks-centered and examination-based is a source of trauma for both

Oscars doubling best-picture nominees to 10

Academy president says move will open up field to more worthy films BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. – The Academy Awards will have 10 best-picture nominees instead of the usual five starting next year, improving the odds for films such as “The Dark Knight,” a fan and critic favorite that was snubbed last time. Doubling the field

Master Praz’s take on EK HASINA THI (Hindi, 2004)

Link On the heels of my JOHNNY GADDARR Review a few weeks back….bring on AGENT VINOD! Ram Gopal Varma’s “Factory” has always been famous for churning out innovative and fresh thrillers with superb storytelling blended with immaculate performance. EK HASINA THI frankly ranks as not only the best thriller to come out of the “Factory”

Master Praz’s take on THE HANGOVER (2009)

Link Most great comedies are based on fundamental truths — we find a deal of humor in the illumination of our own human tragedy. OFFICE SPACE is funny, for example, because we’ve all worked that type of job, put up with that type of boss, and suffered that type of monotonous everyday boredom. Or VERY

B’wood flicks keep DVD show going

B’wood flicks keep DVD show going 25 Jun 2009, 0034 hrs IST, Ashoke Nag, ET Bureau KOLKATA: In a scenario where DVD sales have slowed down due to a combination of factors including the economic slowdown, elections, IPL and exams, some Bollywood flicks have still turned out to be hits in this segment. The titles

Pritam lifts tune for the 49th time!

The composer has apparently lifted an Indonesian song this time Well my sweetie pies, Juicy Mausi is little upset. When will Pritam stop being a copy cat I wonder. Every time there is a release he is there hogging the limelight, but for all the wrong reasons. While the nation is thumping their feet along

Countering Maoists

LINK We cannot have the same strategy for dealing with Maoist activities as we have for dealing with jihadi terrorism. We have to take note of the genuine grievances of the tribals and deal with them in a sympathetic manner. We should not dismiss summarily their allegations of police excesses. The continuing inability of the

It’s official now. Hrithik will star in Bharadwaj’s next!

By Vickey Lalwani Dream team Vishal Bharadwaj and Hrithik Roshan join forces for the director’s next mumbai mirror Two great talents have joined hands. There have been rumours since 2007 that Hrithik Roshan will star in a Vishal Bharadwaj film. It’s official now. Hrithik will star in Bharadwaj’s next. The project in question is a

That Shot Was Out? A Clue On When to Challenge a Call

LINK When a line judge at Wimbledon rules on a hair-splittingly close call and says the ball is out, the inevitably disgruntled player should not only consider challenging the call for review by digital replay system. He should consult a recent issue of Current Biology. A vast majority of near-the-line shots called incorrectly by Wimbledon

I like playing characters not similar to me: Kareena

LINK New Delhi, Jun 17 : Her ‘closer-to-life’ portrayal in Imtiaz Ali’s ‘Jab We Met’ may have catapulted her as among the top actresses in Bollywood today but for Kareena Kapoor there is nothing more challenging and exciting than playing a character in contrast to her real persona. ‘’Characters which are not similar to the

Is Love Aaj Kal a rip off?

LINk Juicy Mausi is back with her latest goss. The other day as she was sipping coffee at a posh cafe she found out saif-Imtiaz Ali’s Love Aaj Kal has already stirred up a controversy even before it hit the theatres. Juicy Mausi was all ears. She also learnt it is copy of a Taiwenese

Idyllic swing sequence in Charulata

One of the most memorable scenes in the film where Charu moves up and down, back and forth on the swing, looks through her lorgnettes first at mother and a baby, then at her brother-in-law Amal writing poetry on ground. Ray switches from intimate close-ups of Charu mumbling Phoole Phoole Dhole Dhole to the animation

Why ignore Ash?

Asks Jaya Bachchan, taking up for her darling bahurani Subhash K Jha Most of the industry derided Ashutosh Gowariker for his impulsive outburst against Priyanka Chopra. The director spoke up about the merits of PC deserving the Best Actress award at the recently concluded event over Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Jaya Bachchan even came out

The woman on top

LINK It’s been eight years since the 9/11 attack. Do you feel people would still be drawn to a film on the subject? 9/11 is only the backdrop for the film. The story of the film is about the lives of these three people and the journey that they go on. The narrative of the