John Abraham and Akshay Kumar learn Pole dancing!

John Abraham and Akshay Kumar Pole Dancing?
May 28 2009 10:45 PST

So this next bit of news just might be every Bollywood fan girl’s fantasy come true! Picture this – the sexy John Abraham and Akshay Kumar shaking their money makers and sashaying around stripper poles! Think you’re dreaming? Well, it turns out this little scene could turn into reality if director David Dhawan’s son Rohit lands this cast for his directorial debut. Word is, the film is about two men who are unemployed dudes down on their luck due to the global recession (how timely!) So in order to get some cash in their pockets they end up working in a strip club where they pole dance and try to out do each other! We hear John and Akshay are the two guys tapped to likely play the characters.

Reportedly the film will be produced by Akshay himself! And after seeing the John – Akshay pairing in the comedy film, ‘Garam Masala,’ we’re pretty sure this film will be a laugh riot as well. Plus the two manly men share great chemistry and comedic timing together.

Now as for the strip tease aspect! After seeing John in his tiny yellow trunks and equally tiny gray boxer-briefs, we can safely say John Abraham will probably have no issues with stripping down for the film. Plus John even took it all off for his upcoming film, ‘New York.’ There’s no denying John’s legions of fans will happily lap up another bout of skin from him! And judging from Akshay’s recent strip down on the cat walk at Lakme Fashion Week, seems like he’ll have no issues with it either!

Phew! How hot will that be?! Now while both John Abraham and Akshay Kumar have been silent about the film thus far, we hear they will be heading to Los Angeles soon to learn how to pole dance! Damn, now wouldn’t you love to be a fly on that wall?!

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