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‘I felt ashamed to walk’

LINK You are the director of Kites. Why were you not walking the red carpet at Cannes with Hrithik Roshan, Rakesh Roshan and Barbara Mori? It’s not that they didn’t want to take me. Rather I decided not to go. There were some personal reasons for not going there. Why don’t you share the reasons

Akshay needs to start worrying!

There’s something about Akshay Kumar these days that has made many industry insiders cringe. His arrogance, they say, has cost producers a lot of money. And now, we are told, it is Akshay’s turn. 2009 may not be as blissful a year for Akshay Kumar as the previous two years. Ironically, it was also supposed

Movies lined up the next 7 months

A-Lister’s biggies: – Kambakht Ishq – Kites – Blue – 3 Idiots – De dhana dhan B-Lister’s biggies: – Kaminey – Love Aaj Kal – Wanted – Main aur Mrs Khanna – London Dreams – Veer – Paa The gen-X hopes: – New York – Santoshi’s next with Ranbir (azab/gazab kahani or something) – Its

Anupam Kher comes full circle

LINK It’s the first time in the world,” emphasised Anupam Kher, as he celebrated his silver innings in the Hindi film industry. Indeed, watching Saaransh, the taut Mahesh Bhatt film which turned a non-entity from Shimla into a much-feted celebrity, at a ‘premiere’ 25 years after its release was a strange first-time experience. It turned

Blast from the past: Rosenbaum reviews The Nun.

LINK THE NUN **** (Masterpiece) Directed by Jacques Rivette Written by Jean Gruault and Rivette With Anna Karina, Liselotte Pulver, Micheline Presle, Christianne Lenier, Jean Martin, and Francisco Rabal. While it’s certainly regrettable that it’s taken Jacques Rivette’s controversial second feature 24 years to get distributed in this country in its complete and original form,

Is SRK working with Murugadoss?

LINK After teaming up with Aamir Khan in the hit movie “Ghajini”, Tamil director director Murugadoss now wants to work with Shah Rukh Khan and says he is working on a story right now. “Yes, I’m working on a subject. I had a meeting with Shah Rukh Khan once and I discussed a story with

Hrithik Roshan is the new face of Reliance Mobile

Mumbai, May 30: Heartthrob Hrithik Roshan has become the new face of Reliance Mobile. The actor will now be seen endorsing Reliance`s mobile and DTH business, and the promotional campaign for the same is presently being shot in Bangkok. According to our source, Hrithik will be shooting for around 8 TVCs, all based on the

John Abraham and Akshay Kumar learn Pole dancing!

John Abraham and Akshay Kumar Pole Dancing? May 28 2009 10:45 PST So this next bit of news just might be every Bollywood fan girl’s fantasy come true! Picture this – the sexy John Abraham and Akshay Kumar shaking their money makers and sashaying around stripper poles! Think you’re dreaming? Well, it turns out this

Saif & I respect my past: bebo

Saif & I respect my past: bebo 30 May 2009, 0040 hrs IST, Jaya Drona Kareena Kapoor is hard to get, there’s no glossing over that. But once you do have her – in a manner of speaking, like DT did when she came to Delhi a couple of days ago – this girl keeps

Mission patch-up

LINK The cold war between Shah Rukh Khan and Vidhu Vinod Chopra is over. They were seen chatting and laughing during the meeting held between producers and multiplex owners on Wednesday. The war between producers-distributors and multiplex owners has come to an end and it has also put an end to many a cold war

I rob the rich: Akshay Kumar

LINK Bollywood action hero Akshay Kumar has a new name for himself – Robin Hood. In his latest blog post, Akki has likened himself to the famous Prince of Thieves because, according to him, he steals from the rich and distributes the spoils amongst the poor. How has the man who is known to charge

Strike Over?

Nothing official yet, but the war between film producers and multiplex owners is finally over. The two warring parties have kissed and made-up. Evidently, it was the producers who first blinked. An industry insider said, “The final settlement reads 50 per cent in the first week, 42.5 per cent in the second week and 35

After India’s election – Good news: don’t waste it

Indian elections featured on the cover of the Economist and it carried this piece – the last paragraph is what is most important! The voters of the world’s biggest democracy have given their government a precious second chance INDIA is a land of bright promise. It is also extremely poor. About 27m Indians will

Saif’s bedroom ‘bang’

LINK Mumbai: Everybody knows how passionate actor Saif Ali Khan is about his music and he recently proved that he has a no-compromise attitude when it comes to jamming with his guitar for live stage performances. After Hrs has learnt that the actor went the extra mile to rehearse for a show in which he

Happy New Year is very modern and contemporary: Farah Khan

LINK Mumbai: After paying tributes to the 70′s and 80′s of Bollywood in Om Shanti Om andMain Hoon Naa, director Farah Khan has set her next film Happy New Year in a “modern and contemporary” world. “Happy New Year is not like my older films. It is a very modern film, very contemporary,” Farah said when asked

“I don’t do fake.” – SRK

LINK Nobody has the passion and heart to buy a stake in Kolkata Knight Riders,” declares Shah Rukh Khan, defying the claim made by mystery blogger Fake IPL Player that the star had found investors for the team. To HT City’s request to comment on Fake IPL Player, SRK simply replies, “I don’t do fake.”

Deepika opposite Hrithik in Krrish-2

Mid-day After the release of Kites, Rakesh Roshan will soon start working on Krrish 2. According to well-placed sources, the film is already in the scripting process, with a newer concept. It will feature Hrithik Roshan yet again and Deepika Padukone is being considered for the part of the leading lady. Kites comes first A

Triumph of the moderate- Arun Jaitley

The BJP’s tally in the Lok Sabha elections is below expectations. We had entered the 14th Lok Sabha with 138 MPs and we hoped to win 160 seats this time — an increase of 22 seats. Ironically, our tally was exactly 22 down to 116 seats. A thorough analysis of the 2009 verdict will take

NYT: Bollywood Dispute Affects Moviegoers in the USA

A surge at the box office has made this spring a surprisingly happy one for the movie business. And as the big summer films arrive, Americans are expected to pile into theaters in even greater numbers. Yet at one little cinema in Jackson Heights, Queens, the plot line is not so happy. The Eagle Theater