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Title song -> Link

Nazaara hai -> Nazaara Hai video Link

Haafiz Khuda -> Haafiz Khuda link

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  1. Gorilla

    This video is again no great shakes. The only thing i liked about is the spookiness that is present throughout the song due to good camerawork and lighting. Rest is simply a mediocre stuff. Had expected a much better promo song. Nagesh Kukunoor seems to be absent here. Even though his films never had good music, i think it was definitely required for 8X10 – to atleast make people aware of such film releasing in 3 weeks time.

  2. skay

    My prediction – this looks like a loser from Nagesh Kukunoor’s stable. This promo looks like any other of Akshay’s pre-movie release video. Akshay struts in, get jiggy with gori mems and throws in the film’s title for a good measure. Does he have an in-house team which doles out these videos by a dozen.

    First there was the promo, which was at best Okay and now this video. This movie has all the trappings of a Nagesh movie where he has totally lost his interest and just wraps up the movie (eg. Bombay to Bangkok & Hyd Blues 2)

    This one will go straight down – down – down – down!

  3. Tango

    Hmm, I’m interested in this movie.

    Akki looks cool.

  4. sv

    The film looks good.And because it is an off beat film,Akshay will benefit from its success.

  5. neelu

    After cornering the comedy market, Akki is now trying to corner the RAP market? This song sounds really bad to me, SIK title track with Snoop Doggy was so much better, and even the CCTC rap title track was better. I hope the other music is pleasant.

  6. Gorilla

    The new song – Nazaara Hai is GOOD. :)
    The makers should thank this as i beleive that now they have a song that will make people notice this movie. Interestingly, the visuals still remains what we have seen in theatrical promo and title song. With no big release in near future, 8X10 will have competition only in the form of IPL which in a way means that 8X10 is comfortable positioned at BO. On promotional aspect, i feel that Akshay is doing the right thing by not hyping it. It requires a good release strategy with focus on promos and WOM.

  7. Gorilla

    Being an optimistic when it comes to Akshay’s films thanks to his ability to do films regulary, makes me beleive that 8X10’s release timing couldn’t have been better. The last Akshay’s film was CCTC which came a good three months back. The last hit from a superstar came a good 3 and a half months back. The next big release is coming in May. This leaves 8X10 uniquely placed where film buffs have few alternatives.
    The only thing that is required is minimum a decent movie if not a good one. Rest will be handles by Akshay’s growing fan base and movie starved juntaa.

  8. Gorilla

    Graph of 8X10 promos so far:

    Theatrical promo: 3/10
    Title song: 4/10
    “Nazaara Hai” song: 7/10

  9. RAJ

    The other day i was watching the promo of Tasveer..It looked stale ,plae and uninspiring….

    If this is how the movie has panned out,then there is s sureshot flop in the hand of Akki and this would make the only So called superstar to give 4 flops in a row…

  10. Qalandar

    Agree that there has been an overdose of Akki rap of late. I didn’t like the one in Tasveer…

  11. manoj16_391

    After the dreadful CCTC and its aweful music videos,one only cringes with fear of being tortured to death watching such horrendous music vidoes featuring the very own dilettante of Bollywood – Akshay kumar.

  12. neelu

    Another promotional video? I hope the movie has real songs too.

  13. Gorilla

    Tarun Adarsh

    Barbara Mori to make her debut in 8X10’s promotional video to avoid being called first film flopper

    Link -> Barbara ditches Roshan for Khiladi

  14. Aditya

    this film doesn’t look too good, to be honest. nagesh kukunoor seldom disappoints, but i think he will with this one.

  15. Gorilla

    Agree Aditya…am not hopeful either and will be surprised if 8X10 is liked. However circumstances are turning out that on April 3 (have a holiday – Ramnavami), I have not much to do except travelling….so may catch this up, though do not know where as I will be in three different places of India on that day.

  16. Gorilla

    Akshay turns to dark literature for ‘8X10 Tasveer’

    Mumbai, March 19: Superstar Akshay Kumar seems to be gearing up for his forthcoming flick ‘8X10 Tasveer’, for the actor has turned to literature to get a grip on his character. Akshay has reportedly gone through some dark writings of Edgar Allan Poe and the 19th century French writer Guy de Maupassant to get into the skin of his role for the film.

    In the film directed by Nagesh Kukunoor, Akshay plays a man from India who becomes a forest ranger in Canada. The actor would be seen doing time travel with the help of an 8X10 photograph to solve some murder mysteries.

    Akki says, “I am not very fond of dark literature. That’s why it was not easy for me to play a deep, dark, moody man. But in hindsight I loved it. You seriously cannot snap yourself out of such roles. They affect your whole personality.”

    Since Akshay wanted to understand the world of mystery and science fiction, he chose to make himself aware of supernatural and mystery thrillers which could help him pull off the role better.

    Well, Akshay sure appears to be emerging as a real perfectionist this time!

  17. Gorilla

    8×10 Tasveer music has rap, rock and soul ***

    8×10 Tasveer
    Music Director: Salim-Sulaiman and Bohemia
    Lyrics: Irfan Siddique, Sameer and Bohemia
    Singers: Vishal Dadlani, Mohit Chouhan, Tulsi Kumar, Neeraj Shridhar and Bohemia
    Rating: ***

    Riding high on the success of Fashion and Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, the musical duo of brothers Salim and Sulaiman Merchant are ready with the soundtrack of Akshay Kumar-starrer 8×10 Tasveer and they seem to have brought together quite a different genre.

    They have also presented a mix of both fast-paced peppy numbers and free-flowing, soft melodies.

    The first song Aaja maahi, crooned by Neeraj Shridhar and Tulsi Kumar, starts with a western feel and English lyrics. Even though the words lack punch, the song is melodious and worth listening.

    The remix version of this song adds nothing but beats to the original.

    Up next is Haafiz khuda, which has all the qualities to win listeners’ hearts with its soulful, melodious music and free-flowing vocals by Mohit Chauhan. In this number, Mohit is joined by Tulsi Kumar behind the mike. The rendition is bound to make listeners sit up and take notice.

    Haafiz khuda too has a remixed version, but the original is more appealing.

    An Akshay Kumar film and a rap number seem to go hand in hand these days. After teaming up with Bohemia in Chandni Chowk To China, the actor has shared vocals once again with the US-based hip-hop and rap star in 8X10 Tasveer.

    The song ” I got the picture” is a peppy number with the same feel of the rap song in Chandni Chowk….

    The remix of the same track, which is high on beats, is sure to be a hit on the DJ consoles.

    Kuchh is tarah, which is once again in Mohit Chauhan’s and Tulsi Kumar’s voice, is a hummable number that pulls one’s heart strings. Soothing to the ears, this romantic track brings out the best in Chauhan.

    The remix version too doesn’t disappoint with appropriate musical arrangements.

    Easily the best song of the album, Nazaara hai sets the adrenalin pumping with its strong musical backing and powerful vocals by Vishal Dadlani of the composer duo Vishal and Shekhar.

    The number is soaked in the flavour of rock music. The predominance of the electric guitar, especially in the middle of the song, makes it a sure shot hit with music buffs.

    The remix of Nazaara hai is average, nowhere close to the original.

    On the whole, Salim-Sulaiman have kept up their good work in 8×10 Tasveer and are definitely emerging as one of the best in the business.


  18. Gorilla


    “I’d love to work with Akki again.” – Nagesh Kukunoor

    8×10 TASVEER is in the eye of a storm. In fact, the film has been surrounded by controversies from Day 1. There’s talk that Akshay Kumar isn’t too happy with the film and isn’t keen on promoting it. Of course, he did attend a press conference on Friday night at Marriott along with director Nagesh Kukunoor and Shailendra Singh of Percept, but he isn’t going out of his way to endorse the film, like he normally does.

    “Absolutely untrue,” Nagesh tells me, “Frankly, I’ve stopped reacting to rumours. But I’d like to clarify that there’s no truth to it. Akshay watched the film some time back and is gung ho about it. I’d love to work with him again.”

    But there were problems initially. “Yes, Akshay had a tough time to on the first four days, I won’t deny that. But, later, when he got used to my style of working and also realised what I wanted, there were no problems at all,” Nagesh says.

  19. Gorilla

    ALERT: T-Series halts release of 8X10
    PPC defaults the payment of 6.67cr to T-Series for Tasveer

    Super Cassettes Industries Limited (T-SERIES) and Percept Picture Limited had entered into a Co-Production Agreement on 28-Aug-2008 wherein they were to jointly produce the film “Tasveer” now renamed to “8X10″. T-Series was not only the joint owner of the film but all music rights were to be exploited by T-SERIES only.

    However, on 4-Mar-2009 T-Series and Percept Picture entered into another agreement wherein T-Series would walk out of the film and take back the money (50% of total agreed cost of the film) if the money was paid in time through the post dated cheques. While percepts honoured the first payment of Rs. 50,00,000/- the second and final amount of Rs.6.67 crores which was given by way of post dated cheque was dishonoured today.

    And now, due to failure on part of the Percept Picture to honour the second installment, since their cheque was dishonoured by their Bank, as agreed by Percept Picture in writing, T-SERIES now enters back as co-producers of the said film and have written to the laboratory to stop the delivery of film prints/ negatives until further notice in writing. T-Series shall also take all necessary legal action to protect its interest and rights.

    While on the other hand all persons in public and particularly in the Film & Entertainment Industry and trade have been cautioned not to deal with any rights in the film “8X10″ without prior written consent of Super Cassettes Industries Limited. Failing which if they do so, they shall be liable for damages and legal action at the option of Super Cassettes Industries (T-Series).

  20. Gorilla

    Akshay’s ‘8X10′ release hit by squabble between producers

    New Delhi, March 27 (IANS) The release of ‘8X10 Tasveer’, an Akshay Kumar-starrer supernatural thriller, is in trouble over a financial clash between the movie’s co-producers, Percept Picture Company and T-Series.

    On March 4, 2009, the co-producers signed an agreement according to which T-Series would walk out of the film and take back the money (50 percent of the total agreed cost it had put in the film), if the money was paid by Percept on time through post-dated cheques, said a statement by T-Series.

    The walkout decision by T-Series was a ‘business decision by both the parties’, said Vinod Bhanushali, T-Series president, marketing media publishing (TV).

    While Percept’s first payment of Rs.50 lakh was received by T-Series, the second and final cheque of around Rs.6.67 crore was dishonoured by the bank, the statement said.

    ‘They were supposed to pay us as per a contract signed by both, and since the cheque for the final amount has bounced, we are legally again the co-producers of the film,’ Bhanushali told IANS over phone from Mumbai.

    ‘It’s a case of cheating. We have the right to move court over the cheque bounce,’ he said.

    ‘We are sure to get a stay over the release of the film until the matter is sorted out.’ The film is scheduled for release April 3.

    Directed by Nagesh Kukunoor, the thriller revolves around Jai (Akshay) who has a supernatural gift to see into the past by touching the 8X10 sized photograph of dead people.

    Besides Akshay, it also stars Ayesha Takia, Vinod Khanna and Sharmila Tagore.

    Navin Shah, CEO, Percept Picture Company, shrugged off the matter as a ‘goof-up’ by the bank.

    ‘The matter has been sorted out. There was some miscommunication from the bank’s end and hence there was a hiccup. The movie is releasing on time, April 3,’ he said.

    Bahnushali, however, disagreed: ‘The matter has not been resolved. The deal is they have to pay us and we have not received it yet, so we are still holding our ground.’

    Apart from taking legal action, T-Series is seeking to stop the delivery of film prints and negatives until further notice.

    They have also cautioned trade circles not to deal with any rights in the film ‘8X10′ or play any paid or free content (both promos and songs) without prior written consent of Super Cassettes Industries Limited (T-Series). Those who violate this shall be liable for damages and legal action.

  21. Gorilla

    Percept makes payments to T-Series to save Tasveer 8×10
    By Bollywood Hungama News Network, March 27, 2009 – 19:20 IST

    If the present day recession wasn’t enough, Bollywood had almost faced yet another setback in the form of the stalling of the release date of Akshay Kumar’s most awaited film Tasveer 8 X 10. For the uninitiated, the film’s release date had almost got postponed due to bouncing of the cheque of Rs. 6.67 crores, which was issued by Percept Picture to T-Series.

    And the good news is that Percept has made good its default and has issued a demand draft for the said amount and T-Series has received the due money. T-Series has now issued letter of clarification to the laboratory and withdrawn its letter written to them earlier asking them to stop delivery of the prints of the film to Percept. However, the music rights and the home video rights of 8×10 Tasveer shall remain with T-Series.

  22. Gorilla

    BOI: 8 x 10 Tasveer May Be Postponed
    The Akshay Kumar starrer 8 x 10 Tasveer may be postponed as the major multiplexe chains are believed to have told the makers they will only play 8 x 10 Tasveer if the producer/distributor strike due from 4th April is delayed for a month or cancelled.

    The multiplexes have said they will resolve the revenue sharing issue within a month if the strike is delayed or cancelled but the producer/ distributor association are still likely to go ahead with the strike as they believe if the issue has not been resolved over last six weeks its unlikely to be sorted out in next four weeks.

    The producer/distributor association will only the cancel strike if an agreement is made between both parties in a binding contract and as this is likely to happen over the next week or so the strike will be on and multiplexes may well refuse to release 8 x 10 Tasveer. As 8 x 10 Tasveer is a film more for multiplex audience in content it could be postponed to a later date when it is able to get a proper multiplex release.

  23. Kambakth Beld

    doesnt matter imo. This movie flops big time coz akshay’s core fan base wont understand this movie as there is not much cheese ;-)
    People who will understand usually dont watch akshay movies :D

  24. Gorilla

    After box office dud Bombay to Bangkok last year, Nagesh Kukunoor returns with a supernatural thriller titled 8X10 Tasveer that has Akshay Kumar in the lead.

    The film, which releases Friday, also stars Ayesha Takia, Sharmila Tagore, Javed Jaffery, Girish Karnad, Anant Mahadevan and Benjamin Gilani.

    8X10 Tasveer is the story of a young man Jai (Akshay) who has a supernatural gift to look into the past of dead people by touching their 8×10 photographs.

    Mysteries, however, begin to arise when a 8×10 photograph reveals Jai’s past. Later a personal tragedy leads him to use his power to come up with the answers.

    Akshay says it is one of the most exciting films he has ever done.

    “I have a well carved role in the movie and I did a lot of hard work for it. I’m sure that my viewers will appreciate my work this time too as they have always done,” Akshay was quoted as saying.

    read the rest of the story here:

  25. Gorilla

    Bollywood back to square one looks at Akki for that elusive hit

    It’s back to square one for Bollywood as the beginning of second quarter of 2009 sees eyes set on Akshay Kumar all over again.

    Agreed that Akshay disappointed his fans with CHANDNI CHOWK TO CHINA which released in January 2009. However, now with the arrival of Nagesh Kukunoor directed 8X10 TASVEER, he is being looked at as a saviour all over again. With multiple flops that Bollywood has seen week after week in the first quarter of 2009, hence comfortably (and disappointingly) placing it as the worst January to March period that the industry has seen in the current decade, there are anxious moments ahead with 8X10 TASVEER. Interestingly, the film has finally being confirmed for 3rd April release after a lot of dilly-dallies.
    Having said that, the film has seen the least hype for an Akshay Kumar starrer in last 3-4 years. Akshay is also underplaying the film and is not promoting it even 10% of what he would have done for his other commercial masala flicks. Hardly giving interviews, participating in press conferences or attending public gatherings that would have otherwise created awareness about the film, Akshay is looking at 8X10 TASVEER from the sidelines.

    All this has only leads to two questions:

    a) Is Akshay playing it safe and wants the film to do the talking rather than him?
    b) Is he just not confident about the film’s prospects and this is the reason why he is lying low?

    The answer would be out this Friday once the film releases but one thing is for sure that the film won’t take anything more than a barely average opening, something which is uncharacteristic of an Akshay Kumar starrer.

    It’s a wait and watch situation from here on as one can only hope and pray that 8X10 TASVEER is good enough to excite audiences enough to make a beeline for the theaters all over again. With multiplexes v/s producers strike beginning from 4th April onwards, this film is the only savior that the industry could see in weeks to come with no other release in the sight for at least a couple of months.

    Here is keeping fingers crossed and awaiting good critical as well as commercial response for the film. Well, if not for the audience then at least for the industry’s sake!

    source: glamsham

  26. Gorilla

    Advance booking opens for 8X10 TASVEER

    Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network, glamsham

    It’s confirmed. 8X10 TASVEER is finally arriving this Friday and there won’t be any further delays. Advance booking for the film has opened at all premier multiplexes, including the PVR chain (which didn’t release AA DEKHEN ZARA last week), hence ensuring that this Akshay Kumar starrer will witness a hassle free release.

    The film is not getting an extensive release though. While a regular Akshay Kumar starrer doesn’t arrive at less than 12-14-16 shows a day, 8X10 TASVEER has shows ranging from 6-9 a day, hence reaffirming once again that the film is being released at a lesser print count. The film isn’t a typical Akshay blockbuster in the making and the makers (Percept Picture Company) are cautious about their release strategy.

    They don’t have much to worry though if they have good enough confidence in their product. There is no other release this weekend while beginning 4th April; multiplex v/s producers battle reaches its crescendo with the latter deciding against releasing any other new film.

    This is a blessing in disguise for Akshay Kumar and Co. because they would now have not just the month of April being wide open but also the entire month of May. There are no releases being planned for close to two months with only KAMBAKKTH ISHQ (another Akshay Kumar starrer) aiming for a 29th May release, provided the strike is off by then.

    With the window wide open for such a huge duration, 8X10 TASVEER has all the time in the world to make an impression and do well for itself at the box office, provided it is a good product in the offering.


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