Aishwarya rai and Akshay recieve Padma Shri awards
Som | March 31, 2009, 7:39 PM | 7 comments | 0 views

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  1. Brian Charles

    I like Abhishek better in this look.

    Congratulations to akki and aish, wishing them even brighter future.

  2. RAJ

    Congrats to Akshay and Ash for receiving the award..

    Yes..both Akki and Abhishek look so much better in formals…

  3. Kambakth Beld

    they have made a mockery of the padma shri award unfortunately. akki and ash has to be the worst kind of people to give this award to. what next – they will start giving it to pets?

  4. Gorilla

    Akshay’s recognition is well deserved. His contribution of Rs 1500 Cr to the inductry every year is HUGE, apart from his contribution of brining the audience ‘in India & abroad’ back and forth to the theatre. Earlier the focus was only on the NRIs.

  5. RAJ

    1500 Cr a year…now thats a joke for me…Gorilla can you be more elaborate on this???


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