Akshay Kumar’s forthcoming films gets bigger and better
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  1. Gabber

    I hope the producers do not burst the bubble. It is all about prices now and Akshay Kumar films definitely needs price correction, given that they come one after another too soon.

    But am glad that producers are putting lots of faith in these projects. Cannot wait for these blockbusters!

  2. RAJ

    It seems some producres do not learn their lessons..Irrespective of who the actor is,a price correction is need of the hour….The price has corrected in every sector in the economy..Film Industry shoulnt be out of this…

  3. Som

    I am looking forward to Blue.Have bad feeling about KI, It might just turn out to be a dud.

  4. julie

    Agree Som. KI hardly looks exciting. I will especially avoid an Akshay solo with Kareena. The latter I cannot stand and if this is going to have any of Akshay’s repetititve comic act, it is a big no no for me.

    Blue looks better on face value. The underwater theme looks interesting and to top it, the film is a multistarrer with some lovely leading ladies, plus Rehman’s music. This could be a huge film.

  5. Som

    Rahman’s music is one of the strongest reasons and of course the presence of Dutt.

  6. neelu

    Blue looks interesting – hopefully Sanju Baba will not sleep walk like he did in Kidnap.

  7. Gabber

    With a lean period ahead, all eyes on Akshay Kumar

    DELHI 6 was being looked at as the savior of Bollywood but just-about-ordinary response to the film means that the industry will have to turn towards superstars yet again to bring in some moolah back into the industry.

    January and February have been heartbreaking with Shah Rukh Khan (BILLU), Akshay Kumar (CHANDNI CHOWK TO CHINA) and Abhishek Bachchan (DELHI 6) not really managing to bring in much success at the box office. Relatively smaller films like RAAZ – THE MYSTERY CONTINUES (Emraan Hashmi) and DEV D (Abhay Deol) have worked but they have helped the makers more than the industry as a whole due to their low costing and hence low revenue generation.

    So where does this leave a quintessential Bollywood blockbuster? Sadly, none of them is in sight at least for next one month. There are potential winners like DHOONDTE REH JAAOGE, ALOO CHAAT, 13 B, GULAAL and AA DEKHEN ZARA but does one really expect any of them to do a business of more than 10 odd crores each? In fact if these films touch this mark then they would well be winners. However, that too will be mainly from pricing perspective. Expecting a 20-30-40 crores kind of a business from any of these films would be asking for too much.

    So what ails Bollywood in such a scenario, especially when the industry is in desperate need of some serious cash flow? Well, look towards Akshay Kumar who will be beginning the second quarter of 2009 with 8×10 TASVEER. A Nagesh Kukunoor film which appears to be part-commercial-part-offbeat, TASVEER has been long in the making but still interesting enough to entice that segment of audience that would love to watch Akshay Kumar doing something different from the routine.

    Again, this is not a film where even the makers would be expecting 50 crores (or above) in collections coming in. Still, it should bring in a substantial quantum of audience when compared to the other releases in the month of March and hence help the industry gain some stand. Come 3rd April and we should have an answer.

    The man who was hit by all the brickbats post CHANDNI CHOWK TO CHINA is being looked as a savior all over again! Well, such is the way of Bollywood!

  8. Aditya

    KI doesn’t really excite me, blue, however, looks promising.


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