Bachchan — 167 (Eid Greetings and on Drona)


“I had said I would give my opinion on ‘Drona’ but we never saw it the day we were supposed to and when we did, shortly after most others had seen it too and given opinion, so it seemed to me futile to say or comment. I will say though that there is a magnificence in the concept of the film and its presentation. Visually it is a delight, the likes of which have not been seen in Indian Cinema. There is no lack of effort by those connected and a ’subtle grace’ in the shifting of the story from present to the fantasy, as expressed by a journalist friend. It is a brave and courageous effort to show quality and attempt something different; something that is first. And how many times in our life can we say we did something ‘for the first time’; an observation from a senior colleague of the fraternity.

Everything beyond this is commerce. Something that I always fail to address with any sincerity.”

“Better to be on a horse and fall to get back up again on the saddle and ride, than to face the ignominy of never having mounted one ever !”

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