Asha Bhosle’s Daughter Varsha Bhosle Attempts Suicide


Kaveetaa Kaul

It was shocking to hear the news of an attempt to suicide by Varsha Bhosle journalist daughter of Asha Bhosle (link). Initial reports flashed over the electronic media clearly spoke of her admittance to Jaslok hospital following an overdose of sleeping pills. Subsequently Doctors and the print media have tried to avoid terming it as a suicide attempt.

September 8th marked the 75th birthday of Asha Bhosle and  the media was agog with interviews, tributes and so on. A few hours later i.e. 2 a.m. on 9th morning Varsha was found unconscious by her maid. If reports are to be believed she was not present in the festivities that took place the previous day.

Varsha known for her fiery, erudite and incisive writings was living with her mother at Prabhu Kunj , Peddar Road. She is estranged from her husband Hemant Kenkre, also a writer.

Varshas writings have been a personal favourite for their lucidness and clarity of thought.. though lately not much was heard. On hearing of the news, in an attempt to read more, I chanced upon this absolutely amazing piece of work..Varsha on Asha (link). Although it was she speaking on life with her mother, what came through on a subtler level was Varsha’s eloquence, her evolved sensibilities, honed talent in writing, say-it-as-you-see-it style of expression apart from the fact that she absolutely doted on her mother. It moves you tremendously, the force and impact of her words.

When such a person, apparently an Iron Lady, resorts to ending her life it screams of abject helplessness and a cry from the soul for help. Her angst is almost palpable.

One hopes fervently that she recovers from this trauma and heals on all levels,  spirit, body and mind.