• Sandy interviews Farhan Akhtar
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    Farhan Akthar, who is playing the lead actor in Rock On, tells Sandhya Iyer how no amount of boxoffice success can give him what Dil Chahta Hai did

    On taking up acting

    On some level, I was not averse to acting. It was just that the time, character and movie had to be right and when Rock On came along, I saw no reason to say ‘no’ to it. Did I want to act since childhood? Well, all I knew was that I wanted to do something connected to films because I found the medium so attractive. I was a complete film fanatic, obsessed by movies. So everyone knew that this little boy was eventually going to land up in films. (more…)

  • “The fact that both Ranbir and me are in love makes the song even more special”
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    By Devansh Patel, July 29, 2008 – 14:48 IST

    You can’t be a film old and then get so lucky. First film with SRK’s production, Red Chillies and second with Yash Raj Films. I guess by the time Deepika is ten films old; she would have worked with Indian Film Industry’s top ten production houses. And that is exactly where the problem lies. While the new generation of actors, have exploded themselves like a comet in Bollywood, what remains to be seen is how long they do last in India’s most competitive and fierce professions. Well, Deepika Padukone thinks she will. In an exclusive interview with Bollywood Hungama’s Devansh Patel, the dimpled beauty answers my questions to whether Bachna Ae Haseeno will be her boyfriends first big hit. Whether Bipasha and Minissha are a complete mis-match for Ranbir, will she last as long as Aishwarya Rai, what makes the song ‘Khuda Jaane’ so special, whether she will work with SRK again and will she invite me for her wedding. Deepika has the answers for you.

    How different is it to be working with your off screen boyfriend on screen?
    It doesn’t really make much of a difference because at the end of the day when you’re working and you’re a part of the film, you are not really looking at whether he is your boyfriend or not because you’re in your work space at that moment.

    Your debut film took you to a lavish red carpet premiere in London. Where is Bachna Ae Haseeno going to take you?

    Well I don’t know what Yash Raj has planned for this film but I’m sure it will go somewhere as far as the premiere is concerned and for the film, it will go places. (more…)

  • Ranbir clears the air
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    Ranbir Kapoor and Deppika Padukone are currently the hottest couple in Bollywood, but unlike most actors, Ranbir Kapoor has no qualms talking about his lady love.

    Time and again the couple’s relationship has been scrutinised by the media. In a recent interview, Ranbir Kapoor sought to put to rest all the hype around the relationship to rest by answering all the questions that were thrown his way.

    When quizzed about his relationship with Deepika, Ranbir said, “I have admitted she is my girlfriend and I am in a relationship with her and thats it. There is nothing beyond that. We are very young right now and want to concentrate on our careers.”

    But even after all those confessions of love Ranbir wants to put a stop to the constant scrutiny of their relationship once and for all. (more…)

  • “Ranbir is very shy but once he opens up, he’s a riot” – Minissha Lamba
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    By Devansh Patel, July 31, 2008 – 16:10 IST

    It seems like Minissha Lamba is worried that I’ve been getting to know her too quickly. Her flawless face has already graced the cover of numerous magazines and newspapers after she starred in films like Corporate, Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd and Dus Kahaniyaan. The delightful Miss Minissha is unabashed in her enthusiasm. And why not? At 23, she is clearly enjoying herself and proving too, that’s she’s got the talent to match the belief that has been shown in her by some top filmmakers. So far, she has played a small but undoubtedly eye catching role in the films I’ve just mentioned but playing the magnificent ‘Mahi’ opposite Ranbir Kapoor in Yash Raj’s next has proved to be one of the most vivid experiences of her career so far. In this exclusive, the actress gives Bollywood Hungama’s Devansh Patel a guided tour of her new film Bachna Ae Haseeno, Bipasha Basu, Ranbir Kapoor, Siddharth Anand, her Patiala dress and her yet-to-be-boyfriend.

    You’re ten films old Minissha in just three years. For a woman who wanted to pursue journalism is now herself the Page 3 girl. Any regrets?
    Not at all. No regrets. When things are going positive and you’re happy being where you are, there will never be regrets.

    So tell me how did this cute Minissha with a smile to die for land up in Bachna Ae Haseeno?
    (Laughs) I think you’ve given all the pre requisites for a person to anyway land up. I mean, if it were anything else maybe it’d have been very difficult actually. Well, it was as simple as me getting a call from the producers of our film Mr. Chopra who wanted to meet me. I didn’t know for what. When I met him, I discovered that some project was happening and in a few days time I was told to come and listen to the script. Of course, one doesn’t have to listen or have a second thought about working with Yash Raj Films and that’s how BAH happened.

    Does that mean you got the role without being screen tested or auditioned?
    No I didn’t give any auditions nor was I screen tested. (more…)

  • Katrina-Ranbir ki Rajneeti
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    After having had her track cut out of Bachna Ae Haseeno, Katrina Kaif has signed two films in quick succession opposite Ranbir Kapoor.

    After Raj Kumar Santoshi’s Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani, it is Prakash Jha’s Rajneeti. In this political thriller, which also stars Ajay Devgan and Manoj Bajpai, Katrina will be seen as Ranbir’s love interest.

    New experience

    This will be a novel experience for the two actors as Prakash Jha is known for his raw political thrillers. The director says, “I needed an actress who’d look convincing as an intelligent, modern, cultured girl of today. Katrina fit the bill perfectly. (more…)

  • Latest Ash Interview
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    • It seems jetlag was invented for you and Abhishek.
    Ha! I grabbed this opportunity to come back home because Abhishek had to attend an event. I came back to see my father. That’s been a gnawing concern all through, ever since my father fell ill. The first couple of the Unforgettable shows were really difficult because I didn’t get enough time to rehearse…

    • Why couldn’t you rehearse?
    I was ill for three weeks before we left. I’ve never been so ill in my life. I was on antibiotics throughout. I barely had five days to rehearse before we left. Only I know what it took for me to look chipper at the press conference.

    • You must be torn by the anxiety for your father?
    I am. My father is such a strong man. And so is my mother. They’re both going through his illness and recuperation together. My father is the strongest man I know. He’s my source of inspiration. (more…)

  • Unforgettable Tour – Vancouver show cancelled but concert in Germany likely
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    The Vancouver show of ‘The Unforgettable Tour’ has been cancelled while another concert in Germany is on the cards.

    The show featuring Amitabh Bachchan , Abhishek Bachchan , Aishwarya Rai , Madhuri Dixit , Ritesh Deshmukh , Preity Zinta and Vishal-Shekhar has been rocking the Bollywood buffs in the American cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco.

    However, there is disappointment for fans in Vancouver as the show there on August 17 has been cancelled. Reports say the show was cancelled because of poor ticket sales, but according to a statement by Mr. Bachchan it was the promoter of the show who defaulted. (more…)

  • The Kinng can do no wrong
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    Things could not have looked better for film producer Vipul Shah. His latest production, “Singh is Kinng”, is all set to hit the screens on August 8 amid unprecedented viewer interest.

    “I should have patented the title of my film. After all, the media used the title “Singh is Kinng” when the Manmohan Singh-led government won the confidence vote recently,” he quips. He has other reasons to feel happy. Some 2,000 prints of the film are ready to be shipped. The film cost him Rs 55 crore. Another 10 per cent was spent on marketing.

    Trade analysts say there is no way Shah can lose money on this venture. The music rights of the film were sold to Junglee Music (an arm of Times Music) for Rs 13.5 crore, the highest-ever in the Indian film industry. The music of the film, says Shah, is a big hit already. In less than a month 500,000 albums have been sold. The music is by Pritam, one of the most bankable (even if controversial) music directors in the industry today.

    The film, directed by Anees Bazmee, brings together the formidable onscreen pair of Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif. Though advance booking for the film is yet to open in theatres and multiplexes, reports suggest that a single-screen hall in Nagpur, Smruti Cinema, began advance booking for “Singh is Kinng” three weeks ago. (more…)

  • ‘Stallone was very impressed with Indians’
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    Producer Sajid Nadiadwala has managed to do what other Bollywood filmmakers could not — rope in Hollywood stars in our movies. Thanks to him, we may get to see Sylvester Stallone and Denise Richards mouth some Hindi dialogue in Kambakht Ishq.

    Starring Akshay Kumar [Images] and Kareena Kapoor [Images], Kambakht Ishq almost also saw Arnold Schwarzenegger [Images] in the film. But the deal fell through.

    Sajid, who flew back to Mumbai to be with his wife, who just delivered a baby boy, chats with Nithya Ramani, and talks about the Los Angeles shoot with Sly last week.

    What is Kambakht Ishq about? (more…)

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