A leaf from Shah Rukh’s past: He courted Gauri for 6 years


A new book on Shah Rukh Khan reveals interesting facts from the superstar’s past.

Shah Rukh as a child was weak in Hindi, dreamt of representing the country in international sports events and as a young man had to court his love Gauri for six years before he could win her, says a new book.

Shah Rukh was bright, naughty, fond of sports but was weak in Hindi either scoring very low marks or failing in the subject says the book ‘SRK: King Khan’ by journalist, critic Deepa Gahlot.

Instead of scolding him, his mother once told him that she would take him to a Hindi movie in a cinema hall if he did well in the subject. The bait was attractive enough for young Shah Rukh and his first visit to cinema must have triggered off the acting impulse in him, says the book. The newly generated interest in Hindi made him understand Hindi films better and gave him a command over the language, a skill that stands him in good stead in his career even today, it says.

In the school he was more interested in sports such as cricket, hockey, football and athletics than in studies and hoped to become a sportsman capable of representing his country in international events.

In Delhi while performing for both television and theatre, Shah Rukh was also wooing the pretty Gauri Chibba, a Hindu girl. Because of the difference in the religion, Gauri’s family disapproved of their relationship. The courtship carried on clandestinely for over six years.

Gauri was not too pleased about his choice of career or his decision to move to Mumbai but their love overcame all problems, pretty much like it happens in the movies, the book says.

‘SRK: King Khan’ is published by Roli Books and is priced at Rs. 495.

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