BoxofficeIndia upbeat about Aap Kaa Surroor

Despite a bashing by the critics Aap Ka Surroor stunned the trade with its bumper opening in small centres across parts of the country with many centres showing 90%+

After the massive box office disappointment of Jhoom Barabar Jhoom there is hope for a turnaround for the first half year report card with Aap Ka Surroor and Apne.

Its almost a forgone conclusion that both films are going to recover costs but if they can bring in a combine profit of 20 crore that will make it a break even first six months for the hindi film industry.

The opening of this week’s releases was affected by the extremely bad weather in the Mumbai/Maharashtara region. But even with the rain Aap Ka Surroor managed to hit the 75% mark while Apne was at a more modest 50% in the region. Continue reading

recommendation of the week: cool hand luke(1967)

this is one of the most engaging and compelling prison films you’ll ever see. this one definitely ranks up there with such great prison films as “the great escape(1963)”, “papillon(1973)”, “the shawshank redemption(1994)”, birdman of alcatraz(1962)”, etc. it is brilliantly directed by stuart rosenberg, who made memorable films such as “the amityville horror(1978)”, “brubaker(1980″, “the drowing pool(1975)”, etc. “cool hand luke” is by far his finest and most memorable film. its amazing how rosenberg punctuates this film with christian symbolisms.

paul newman stars as lucas jackson aka “cool hand luke” , a nonconformist recalcitrant who does whatever he wants regardless of the law. his transgressions(cutting top off parking meters, among other things) land him in a rough southern prison camp. once confined, his devil-may-care rebelliousness doesn’t cease. in fact, he becomes even more unruly, especially after his ailing mother passes away. he constantly clashes with fellow inmates, and a sadistic warden(played chillingly by strother martin) there are stars and there are screen actors like paul newman, whose iconic presence and immense acting prowess regularly transcend even the best material in which he works. newman’s magnetic personality lends the film the weight its relatively simple story struggles 2 nobly support.

fraught with legendary lines(most notables ones being: “what we have here is failure 2 communicate!”, “i tried 2 live always free and above board like you but I can’t seem 2 find no elbow room”) and unforgettable scenes(the egg-eating bet, the prison yard fisticuff, et al), “cool hand luke” exists as an iconic work in and of of itself, deceptively light in meaning but definitely full of cultural and countercultural significance. a great deal of the film’s considerable charm stems from its impressive cast of supporting actors, a constingent of recognizable faces that includes a young dennis hopper, harry dean stanton, and george kennedy, as newman’s rival turned admirer/right-hand man.

the academy award 4 best supporting actor went 2 george kennedy 4 his portrayal of the naive tough guy dragline. however, at the heart of the film is paul newman’s quitely charismatic performance, which showcased the actor at the top of his game and propelled him toword the peak of his popularity. short on soliloquies, newman’s luke doesn’t telegraph his every move or even clarify his motives. he seems almost 2 have sought out of prison as an arbitrary challenge, inviting a conflict with the system 2 see if he can win. in fact, it isn’t until close 2 the film’s conclusion that the toll of inprisonment has taken on the free-spirited luke becomes clearer. unlike the rest of the prisoners, luke steadfastly rejects the institutional conformity that comes with inprisonment, and his uncooperative stance ultimately leads 2 tragedy. if “cool hand luke” is partly about how far one man can push the system, its also about what happens when the same system pushes back. see this film is you haven’t done so already. Continue reading

Box Office Report-30th June 2007 19.00 IST :: BoxOficeIndia

Box Office Report-30th June 2007 19.00 IST

Film Week Notes
Aap Ka Surroor New The film surprised all with a very good opening of 75-80%. The small centres at many circuits around the country  were outstanding with 90% +. The reports are fair and the film will prove to be a success at the box office.
Apne New The film took a very good opening in the North with Punjab being 90%+ and Delhi/UP and Rajasthan showing 75-80%. The rest of the country was around 40-60%. The reports are good and the film will earn, time will tell how much.
Awarapan New The film opened to a poor response of 20-30%. the reports are okay but the other releases are proving tough competition.
Chain Kulii Ki Main Khulii 1 Poor first week business.
Jhoom Barabar Jhoom 2 As expected the film crashes badly and it will not even reach 30 crore as it has been taken of at most cinemas. FLOP

Mayan Shankar’s AKS Review

I watched this review on NDTV and it was howlarious…..mayan is a pretty geeky guy but he writes some really good reviews……but watching him on the telly ripping apart AKS was worth paying for……it was just hilarious……..poor himesh……..

No way!

Mayank Shekhar

FILM : Aap Kaa Surroor – The Moviee, The Real Luv Story
DIRECTOR: Prashant Chadha
ACTORS: Himesh Reshammiya
RATING : * Continue reading

Sachin going strong: 15,000 & counting

Did anyone see the match yesterday? The innings reminded of the knock Vs Pak in the WC. Delightful!

TIMES NEWS NETWORK / Bobilli Vijay Kumar

Friday, June 29: Amitabh Bachchan and Rajnikanth might refuse to acknowledge they are kings of their respective worlds. But as far as One-day cricket is concerned, there is absolutely no doubt: Sachin Tendulkar is the emperor, the Numero Uno.

On Friday evening, during an obscure match in Belfast, Tendulkar underlined his exalted position by shattering yet another barrier: the 15,000-run mark in One-Day Internationals. Sanath Jayasuriya, the man right behind him, is actually 3,000 runs away; his biggest threat in Test matches, Ricky Ponting, is not even in the same frame, huffing and puffing at 10,395 runs. Continue reading

Abhi will not work with Viveik

Abhi will not work with Viveik!

Here is some bad news for all those who were waiting to see Abhishek Bachchan and Viveik Oberoi together in a film. Producer Apoorva Lakhia’s attempts to sign up them for his next film titled Mission to Istanbul have come a cropper because of abhi’s refusal.

Apoorva just cannot make a film without one of the Bachchan’s being in it. So Abhishek Bachchan, a dear friend, was an automatic choice for the film that features four heroes.

After two successive flops, Mumbai Se Aaya Mera Dost (2003) and Ek Ajnabee (2005) Apoorva hit pay dirt with Shootout at Lokhandwala. He attributes the success of the film to Viveik Oberoi, whom he now considers as his lucky mascot.

Consequently, Viveik too was an automatic choice for a lead role. Continue reading

Akshay Shah Reviews SMOKIN’ ACES (2006)

Akshay Shah Reviews SMOKIN’ ACES (2006)


I must admit that my expectations were fairly high from SMOKIN’ ACES. The movie looked like a Tarantino-ish action packed thriller with plenty of violence, swearing, over-the-top action sequences and above all a twisty plot. In recent times, movies that have delivered a similar promise include RUNNING SCARED and THE WRONG MAN-both films I hugely enjoyed. SMOKIN’ ACES on the other hand is a letdown. The movie starts off as a Tarantino-ish crime film only to take a turn as a full blown action film then to reveal a twist which is blatantly obvious half way through the movie, the end result is a mixed film which entertains in parts and fans of the genre are likely to enjoy, though there have definitely been better films in the same genre.

The movie revolves around an FBI agent Richard Messner (Reynolds) who is on the hunt for a Las Vegas stand up comedian Buddy “Aces” Israel ( Jeremy Piven) who has decided to squeal on the mob but, before he heads off for protective custody, decides to go to the casinos at Lake Tahoe for one last good time. In the meantime a 1 million dollar contract is taken for his life, and the assassin who is able to kill him first and rip out his heart will be given the money. Now we have a whole host of assassins get who all start heading to Lake Tahoe with their heavy artillery to gun down “Aces”. However there is more than meets the eye… Continue reading


Apne To Cheesy Hote Hain…WHO CARES THOUGH. Dharmendra in a full fledged role…throughout the movie…in almost every scene…giving you all he’s got…the anger, the emotions, the witty comedy…the man has a HUMANGUS amount of talent…he steals APNE. Watch it for Dharamji. The movie is unrealistic, cheesy, corny, poorly edited…but with so many cons the movie still manages to reach out to you and touch your heart. The theme song Bulls Eye will pump you up…the title song will pull on you heart-strings…Himesh’s compositions and Monty’s background score really lifts the movie. The heroines were definetely there to just look good or fill in the gaps (ex: songs)..but then again why complain…it was promoted to be a movie about Dharmendra and his songs and thats what it totally was. Sunny did his own thing in the second half…he brung his I CAN KICK ANYONES ASS element into the picture in the second half…while Bobby danced around with his huge hair and rocked a couple of emotional scenes. Victor Banerjee is good in his role while Divya Dutta is annoying in her small role. Kirron Kher plays her part well and the side comedians in the film also manage to provide a few laughs here and there. The relationship between Sunny and his father is well potrayed and Dhamrendra’s passion for the sport of boxing is also potrayed well. Watch out for the scene where Dharmendra comes home drunk and records a small message for his daughter who lives overseas…This damn scene is so well performed. The movie does kinda lose it’s audience in the second half towards the end as the film becomes unintentionally funny. Alotta emotions…alotta corny scenes with hugging…I LOVE YOU SON…MIRACLE BOY…I WILL KILL YOU…worthless english lines…some beeped out swearing…but oh well APNE TO APNE HOTE HAIN. The father has finally come with his sons…and everyone did their thing…father provided you with a powerful performance…elder son did his own thing by taking on the biggest challenges and overcoming it like he does in every movie and smallest son fills the gap by looking cool and dancing around. Overall, I honestly thought the movie was alrite…it entertains.


Jaman, now playing on AppleTV

Given YouTube’s control of the snack-video market, it is no surprise that attention is shifting to long form, professionally produced content. Joost, Babelgum and scores of others are chasing this market, betting that MTV Summer Break might make compelling viewing on your PC.One company that often gets overlooked in this whole conversation is Jaman, a San Mateo, California-based company that offers full length movies for either downloads or rental via a P2P client (works on Mac and Windows.) Unlike some of their competitors, the company is focusing on international and indie content, staying away from the Hollywood fare. (Babelgum is focusing on international content as well.) I have always liked their service and client software – it is more polished than some of its rivals and delivers on what it promises.

I wrote about them back in December, and with the company being now exactly 100 days old, I wanted to catch up with them. In their new sprawling, if somewhat sparsely populated office, what I ended up seeing was a big and pleasant surprise and it involves AppleTV.

The folks at Jaman have developed a plug-in of sorts for AppleTV that basically installs on the AppleTV box, and allows your PC/Mac to find and sync content from Jaman’s client to Apple’s box. It still maintains its copyright protected status, and 7-day-rental policy. For legal reasons Gaurav Dhillon refused to talk about how they did the hack, but said Google is your friend… your will find the answer.

jamanmovies.jpg Continue reading

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